The nation of Almaren was founded shortly after the fall of the last great human empire, Nerath. The structure, history, and development of the nation are detailed in the following pages. It is the setting of the campaigns prepared by New DM (Vyn).

Major Cities
Exmoor, the capital
Numengard, the prison

Almaren: King Richard Pelagrir
Exmoor: King Richard Pelagrir
Karrac: Grand Duke Horaver Loyalar
Devonshire: Duke Peter Thrannyth
Dunkerk: Baron Oloroar Pegason Dragonsbane
Begnion: Earl Thoorin Urthadar
Salusa: Viscount Hororin Gellantara
Berylingard: General Vorik Hammerhand (Morduruk)
Numengard: General Thoaver Crutumaul

The formation of Almaren

As gnoll hordes began to rip through the Nerath Empire from the west, the city-states of the eastern provinces began to prepare for the inevitable collapse of the empire’s power. Lords, arcanists, and generals banded together in an attempt to preserve a measure of the grandeur that had characterized the empire. The rampaging gnoll horde ceased its advance after laying waste to the Nerath capital and decimating the armies that had assembled there. Following this, the gnoll horde disbanded; however, no major cities or fortresses were created to occupy the conquered lands. Instead, the gnolls left the improvements and infrastructure of the empire to rot and ruin.

In the northeast of the empire, the cities of Exmoor, Karrac, and Devonshire stood as pin-pricks of light in the suddenly darkened world.

Exmoor, led by House Pelagrir, had been established 175 years before the fall of the empire and was the greatest human civilization in the northeastern provinces of the empire. The city is located at the mouth of the Almar River, one of the regions major waterways. Exmoor’s size and power was bolstered by refugees fleeing the now broken empire. The influx of military personnel and people of all different trades and professions allowed the city to grow quickly and tame the surrounding landscape despite the loss of support from the empire.

Karrac, led by House Loyalar, was a center of magical learning and discovery established 135 years before the fall of the empire. While the city has stood for some time, the arcane rulers of Karrac had limited the growth of the city due to their insular nature. After the fall of the empire, the size of the city increased significantly as wizards and sorcerers from all over the empire relocated to within its walls.

Devonshire, now led by House Thrannyth, was established 15 years before the fall of the empire by several noble houses. House Thrannyth was not the highest ranking of the Houses which came together, but the Thrannyth’s held the most defensible and militarily viable territory and for that reason the city was constructed there. The growth of Devonshire was also bolstered by the refugees fleeing the western reaches of the Nerath Empire.

These three city-states banded together under House Pelagrir to establish a peaceful and prosperous nation. The magical prowess of the wizards and sorcerers of Karrac contributed greatly to the unification, economic development, and governance of the city-states through the use of teleportation portals, sending stones, and other arcane rituals, as each city-state was separated by great distances.


As the city-states grew and more refugees/travelers found their way to the northeastern regions, there was a great need for fortified settlements, as gnolls, orcs, undead, and an ancient red dragon still roamed the land. From Exmoor, the Almaren nation began expansionary efforts. In the mountains east of Exmoor, a large, abandoned city was discovered. The structures were sharply hewn from the stone and had weathered little since they were abandoned. Praising their good fortune, the settlers quickly established a city within the beryl walls of the city.

As the reinforcing army/settlers from Exmoor arrived, severally previously blocked tunnels were blown open by great explosions. While no Almariens were injured, the city was no longer their own. Dwarves from the nation of Morduruk had returned to claim their city after it had been abandoned due to power struggles and supply shortages within the dwarven nation. Before fighting could break out between the Dwarven Defenders and the Almaren Army regulars, the commanding generals met to discuss the situation and hopefully broker a peaceful solution to avert a war. Two weeks following this initial meeting, the rulers of Almaren and Morduruk met to sign a peace accord between the two nations which included the sharing of the city of Berylingard.

Three additional cities were founded in the regions south, west, and northwest of Exmoor. To the south, on a penninsula with unparalleled access to the Crystal Sea, the city of Dunkerk was constructed and fortified to serve as a major port of trade. The city is located on an ancient highway which led from the dwarf nation of Morduruk into Nerath.

The city of Salusa was constructed in the region west of Exmoor in an area which was extremely fertile and open, but until that time had been unsuitable for settlement. The construction of several perimeter fortresses made the region safe enough for settlement.

The city of Begnion was constructed in the region northwest of Exmoor by a displaced Earl of the Nerath Empire. House Urthadar brought with them the bulk of the House army, treasury, and citizenry, making Begnion the largest of the new settlements. The holdings of House Urthadar had been under siege for several years prior to the exodus. Finally, after learning of the safety provided by the nation of Almaren, the Earl and his city journeyed through the ruins of Nerath to settle in Almaren.

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