Almaren Army

Center of Operations: Exmoor
Commander-in-chief: King Richard Pelagrir
Operational Commander: Field Marshall Kytel
Total Force: 1,980,000 soldiers

Organizational Structure:
Fireteam – 4 soldiers
Squad – 12 soldiers
Platoon – 48 soldiers
Company – 240 soldiers
Battalion – 1,200 soldiers
Regiment – 5,000 soldiers
Brigade – 30,000 soldiers
Division – 60,000 soldiers
Field Army – 240,000 soldiers
Army Group – 480,000 soldiers

The Army of Almaren is responsible for the national security of Almaren. The army’s structure is modeled after the armies of Nerath. Over the course of its history, the nation of Almaren has maintained a very strong military for its size. The military tradition is most prevalent in the city-state of Devonshire.

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