Campaign - T01

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Arc 1 - Murkelmor and the Spiky-Bearded Duergar Bastards

Player Characters

Theodorus - Dragonborn fighter
Khordiss - Dragonborn cleric
Melech - Human warlock
Bree - Halfling warlock
Mognyr - Gnoll warlord
Zaz'itch "Itchy" - Gnoll ranger

Major NPCs

Lord Pedraig of Winterhaven
Gendar, the Drow proprietor of "Gendar's Curiosities" in the Seven-Pillared Hall
Murkelmor, the Duergar Paladin of Orcus and lead slaver of the Grimmerzhul Clan, who, though evil, was fairly upbeat.

Common Opponents

Duergar of the Grimmerzhul Clan
Hell Hounds
Various and Sundry Undead Things that Used to be Villagers, yo.

Major Locations

Harkenwold, burned and battered, but recovering from the Grimmerzhul raid
The Seven-Pillared Hall, an illicit, underground black market where the mysterious Mages of Saruun hold order
The Horned Hold, perched on the edge of a great chasm in the deepest regions of the Thunderspire Labyrinth, this ancient Minotaur ruin was the bastion of Murkelmor

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