The Waking Dream - Campaign V1

This is a the summary page for Vyn's Waking Dream campaign. It's being run from a pre-made campaign, and is being used primarily as a practice run for Vyn. As the characters for this campaign were inherited from T1A1 and are currently involved in the events of T1A2, there are some debates as to how the continuity works out. The preferred suggestion at this time is that the events are occuring in an alternate reality, hence the campaign name.

Arc 1 - Dragonborn Are Extremely Distracting

Player Characters

* Bree - Halfling warlock
* Khordiss - Dragonborn cleric
* Maj - Dwarf invoker
* Melech - Human warlock
* Theodorus - Dragonborn fighter
* xxyz - Dragonborn sorcerer

Major NPCs and Organizations

* Auldwyn, farmer
* Jarun, missing paladin
* Bane cultists

Common Opponents

* bugbears, apparently in the employ of the cultists
* changlings, also working for the cultists

Major Locations

* the tent city
* the ruined shrine
* the Wolfwood


The campaign began with the party coming across a tent city full of refugees under attack by bandits. The bandits were driven off and several tents destroyed, and the party met up with a local cleric. The party was soon sent in search of a missing paladin of Pelor, and en route took shelter at a farmhouse belonging to a man named Auldwyn. Cultists ambushed the party during the night, and Auldwyn demanded the party move on the next day. Auldwyn's daughter provided a map to further the search for Jarun, and the party adventured on.

The map led the party to a ruined shrine, where a dishevelled paladin who matched Jarun's description was found. This was revealed to be a changling, and the party dispatched the him and two of his allies in short order. The party burnt the remains of the shrine and continued to the next location on the map. Passing through a dense wood, the party was attacked by a pack of slavering wolves. The party was very nearly killed during the encounter, but managed to fend off the beasts and survive another day.

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