General information
Name: Astrid
Gender: Female
Player: PlayerName
Race: Half-Ef
Class: Cleric
Current level: 5
Height: Height
Weight: Weight
Skin: White
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Grey
Other features: Astrid

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Astrid is devoted to her work to become part of the Raven Queen's inner circle, and is very proud of her reputation… even if it is not wholly deserved.


Astrid has spent the last several years of her life living in Karrac with her family and a few other Raven Queen servants. Because her family spent a majority of time away from Shadowfell and the schools there, she did not build the greatest book skills but did become familiar and maybe even good (depends on who you might ask) with the ways of the cleric from observation, and was determined to eventually join RQ's higher circle as a cleric. Being a very proud girl she worked hard to build a reputation for herself in her healing skills, but also as slightly rude, which in turn helped train her in fighting. As a final test to be able to become a "working" cleric (one who was able to move on from apprenticeship to join the Guild of Clerics, which in turn allowed her to travel to other planes), she was sent to Faircastle with the instructions that once there, she would be joined with a group who were to be sent on a great mission and she was to ensure that they succeed (or at least survive) through whatever trials they may come across.


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Campaign History

Shortly after arriving in Faircastle I met our benefactor and the others I am to work with. The mission so far is to assist the Security Service (A.S.S.). After the first "test" the only impression I have so far is You Have to be Kidding Me!
- Bals tries to convince a Galeb Duhr to come help us since they are both dwarves (Bals is actually a very confused dragonborn, who uses his tail both as a beard and gloats that his *tail* is bigger than the other dwarves in the locker room… more on that later)
- Sars thinks he can solve problems by taking off his clothes and lights people's heads on fire mid argument
- Lexi seems to think that he has past lives… I'm pretty sure that he uses that as an excuse to act like he knows everything… He's really just an unbelievable ass
All of this and I have to be devoted to them as RQ seems to think they are destined for great things and that I should help see them through it! Did I miss something? Is this the right group?! AND if i get penetrated one more time by an effing goblin, or anything else, I'm OUTTA HERE!



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