General information
Name: Khordiss
Gender: Male
Player: Steven
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Cleric
Current level: 4
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 230lbs
Skin: white scales
Hair: none
Eyes: yellow
Other features: Nothing of note.

Khordiss is a Dragonborn cleric who made his first appearance in T1A1. He is a good friend of Theodorus, as well as the warlock Melech.


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Interesting background information.


Campaign History


Khordiss was slain by an ordinator in the Seven-Pillared Hall for taking part in an impromptu duel with Jeremy's character. Khordiss had not anticipated such a strong reaction from the guards - or indeed any reaction - and the subsequent resurrection created both a substantial amount of party debt as well as being the genesis of his blue-green visual impairment.


Khordiss was a member of the initial party along with his fellow T1 comrade, Theodorus. Khordiss made a good faith effort to assist his comrades in saving the refugees at the tent city, although he remains unconvinced of the necessity of this course of action. He was knocked unconscious yet again during this battle, and his gracious turf-suppression was probably his greatest contribution to the entire sad affair.

Khordiss is presently trying to find a name for his morningstar, which according to Dragonborn tradition, is to be named after the first creature it strikes in combat. Sadly, Khordiss's largest triumph in the aforementioned combat was tearing a rather sizable hole in a tent. It is unclear at this time whether this obligates him to christen the weapon "Tentreaver", as Dragonborn martial traditions have an alarming number of gray areas surrounding situations like this.


Khordiss has been rather well behaved during the second arc of the campaign, having evidently learned his lesson in the Seven-Pillared Hall. He continues to spend ridiculous amounts of time communing with the dirt. Khordiss performed his first work of charity, helping to perform a Gentle Repose ritual on Appleton's second in command. In much sadder news, Khordiss has replaced the venerable and trusty Tentreaver with the appropriately named and considerably more effective Puppysmasher.

Other stuff

Memorable quotes

  • "Dhis is no phroblem."

Interesting trivia

  • Sees the colors blue and green in reverse due to complications from a resurrection performed in the Seven-Pillared Hall in T1A1.
  • Definitely does not owe Theodorus 600 gold. Teo's assertions to the contrary are nothing but more blue Dragonborn lies.
  • Khordiss does not like traveling by boat. It makes him very, very sick. Given that Dragonborn frequently eat things that look fairly gross even on the way down, this method of travel is to be avoided at all costs.
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