General information
Name: Kieran Thrannyth
Gender: Male
Player: Vyn
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Current level: 10
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225 lb.
Skin: Fair
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Other features: Undefined

Kieran is a human male of noble heritage who has been trained since age eight in the fighting styles of the monks of the Order of the Red Dragon.


Kieran is a human noble of the House Thrannyth. He is an excellent physical specimen in perfect physical condition due to years of training. Despite being of noble heritage, Kieran can interact and blend in with both the circles of the elite and the common man. While not extremely charismatic, Kieran is handsome, soft-spoken, and wise beyond his years. However, he is still young and can be extremely bold and reckless.


Kieran is the third son of the Duke and Dutchess Thrannyth, hereditary rulers of the city-state of Devonshire. He was trained by the nobility until age eight. As is family tradition, the sons of House Thrannyth undertake extensive martial training at age eight. At the age of 16, they may choose to continue in their profession or return and assume their position in society. Kieran chose to continue his combat training with the Order of the Red Dragon rather than rejoin his brothers as they wait to claim their birthright.

House Thrannyth

The family motto is, "Fortes fortuna adiuvat". The idea that "fortune favors the bold" has guided House Thrannyth since its humble beginnings. The Thrannyth's served the old empire of Nerath and were eventually granted a small territory to oversee after they devised and implemented several effective and highly innovative military tactics. As the empire waned, the Thrannyth's and several neighboring lords perceived that the end of the empire was near and that only by forging ahead united would they survive. As luck would have it, the Thrannyth's holdings were the most defensible and militarily viable for the establishment of a properous settlement. Over the course of 100 years, Devonshire was defended and developed into the prosperous city-state that it is today. Through bold risks and stratagems, House Thrannyth established uncontested rulership over Devonshire.

The Law of House Thrannyth regarding Traitors:
Honor demands that a traitor be given one chance to turn away and rectify their crime when first confronted. This satisfies the obligations of honor and nobility. If the traitor refuses to surrender, they are to be executed. A noble house cannot stand if unrepentant enemies are permitted to roam free. The execution order can be commuted for a time if the traitor is bound and brought before the judgment of the King of Almaren or the Duke of Devonshire.

Order of the Red Dragon

The Order of the Red Dragon was founded in the waning days of the empire of Nerath. At that time, one of the greatest unarmed combatant's sought to accomplish a legendary feat, the besting of a red dragon in single combat. While this was extremely foolish and he was continually advised against it, the young monk pressed on with his quest. Finally, he faced an ancient red dragon named Vivarda. As expected, the monk was quickly bested; however, his boldness and unique fighting style intrigued the dragon. Vivarda perceived that this monk, however foolish, was a powerful and mighty individual. Therefore, she imparted to him the ability to harness fire and unleash it in combat. Through this, Vivarda forged a useful tool which she used to extract revenge on individuals who had either stolen from her or disrupted her plans. Vivarda found him to be so effective, that she established an elite cadre of warriors known as the Order of the Red Dragon. While the Order of the Red Dragon initially existed as little more than a society of assassins, the death of Vivarda shortly after the fall of Nerath allowed the Order to take a new course. Its masters sought to reimagine the Order into an instrument of good, to right the wrongs of their former leaders. The Order was returned to its monk roots but it was not dedicated to a diety; however, the worship of Bahamut is prevalent within the Order. Instead, they focus on the perfection of their physical bodies and fighting style. While their numbers are few, as the training is rigorous and finished by few, those that complete their training are some of the best fighters in the land.

glowing tattoos.jpg

During the training period, initiates are continually exposed to the elements, particularly those associated with the chromatic dragons. Through intense meditation and mental focus, the initiates are taught to harness the elemental power and manipulate it by focusing their internal energies. When an initiate finally succeeds in ordering their mind, their mastery manifests itself through tattoos that glow faintly with the color of the element mastered (Fire = Red; Cold = White; Poison = Green; Lightning = Blue; Acid = Black). These tattoos follow the body’s chi meridians. After the initial mental discipline is instilled, a capable monk can extend his mastery to other elements. The Order of the Red Dragon focuses on completely mastering the element of fire.

(DM Edit: I believe the monk that forged the order from the red dragon's flame was famed for his anonymity. It is said that he was referred to only as Nameless, and his interest in the flame was no accident, but instead inspired in part by a comrade of his; a half-crazed fallen cleric of Lathander who turned to the worship of Kossuth, the primordial of fire.)


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