General information
Name: CharacterName
Gender: Male
Player: Tim
Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Current level: 6
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 234lbs
Skin: Pasty white
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Black
Other features: Tattooed rings on his fingers which have Draconic tribal signs on them instead of gems

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Melech is a man of few words. He keeps to himself as much as possible. He wears black robes which have no discernible markings. A long flowing black cape which runs from his shoulders to the floor, but isn't long enough to drag behind him as he walks. His face is usually shadowed by the hood he wears on his head. The only potion of his body which isn't covered in some black cloth are his hands, however across his fingers where rings should be are tattoos of rings. The tattoos are very simple in design but have very elaborate Draconic tribal symbols in place of gems.


Tretion was brought up among royalty. He was the young lordling of the frontier town of Winterhaven. Though unlike his other siblings he never took to kindly to the noble life and was usually in trouble for skipping important State events and hiding from important visitors of far off lands, usually in a secret room in the keep where Sailizorn lived.

Sailizorn was a great Arcane Master, not only becoming fluent and skilled in the spells of the Wizard but also the Warlock. Tretion was drawn to these dark powers. During their time together Sailizorn told Tretion of the great disaster which destroyed much of the land to the south. Melech was drawn in by these stories and the thought of a man who possessed so much power he could destroy whole lands. While in the council of Sailizorn, Tretion began to gain skills in arcane magic. Tretion swore off all the Gods and pledged his allegiance to power, darkness and the demonic arts of the warlock. He developed a hatred for weak minded peoples and turned his back on those who were incapable or unwilling to fight or defend themselves. When Tretion turned 23 Sailizorn told him a saying that he has carried with him, "Tretion, the weak will always be weak, those who are strong were born strong, ally yourself with those who are strong, seek out "The Power," complete the journey I am now to old to continue." With that Sailizorn gave Tretion a piece of parchment that read "The world will burn today, seek me out and you shall receive ultimate power."

His father angry with his son's behavior, sent troops to raid Sailizorn's secret lair. Tretion's master was captured and tortured and Tretion was forced to watch. In Sailizorn's dieing breath he smiled and looked at the Lord of Winterhaven, "He will return, your son will find him and then you…and…your people…will…die…" Melech's father, angry with his son, decided to enlist him in the Winterhaven guard where he might learn some respect for noblility and learn to obey. Furious with this decision Melech ran from his home but not before killing his siblings and removing his fathers vocal chords ensuring when his father died in the near future due to a lingering illness, Tretion would be the only one left of the royal line and no one could tell the tale of the deaths of the royals.

Tretion spent 10 years in hiding from the world filled with hatred. He watched from the nearby areas as his father's fiefdom fell into chaos and destroyed itself because no one knew how the ruling family died nor where the last surviving heir was. Smiling as he watched his home burn Tretion studied the parchment Sailizorn had given him for clues of this great power. To try to sever all ties with his family he renamed himself Melech.

Melech left the area of Winterhaven in anger due to a newly appointed "noble" taking over vowing to return and prove that their is only one true ruler and the city was meant to fall with him. As he left for the wilderness Melech looked back at the city from a farm, far up on a nearby hillside, he turned to the farmer an spoke in a low dark voice, "Impossible, the noble line is dead, how is the city rebuilding?" The farmer said, "Lord Pedraig was sent here from a large city in a far off land to take the throne until the true heir can be found." The farmer smirked, "If he is found." Melech glares at the city his eyes seem to ignite in flame, "IMPOSSIBLE!!" he yells, his voice echoing through the hills. The farmer smiled no phased by this sudden outburst, just focused on the city bellow, "…and my lord, if you ask me, he is just what we needed. I would hate to see that brat Tretion take the throne if he was ever found. If were lucky he is dead, and Pedraig will lead us in the future." Melech's rage seems to fade for a moment and as he raises his hood turns to the farmer and says, "We shall see…we shall see…" Melech turns from the farmer and continues to walk into the wilderness on the outskirts of Winterhaven. The farmer was drawn back as he watched the cloaked man leave because he swore he heard the man talking to himself, "Weaklings, all of them. I'm the true ruler here…Winterhaven will burn for this."

For the next 13 years Melech continued learning the ways of demonic magics and searched the world for answers. He became friends with several Dragonborn tribes who lived through the great disaster, not because he liked the beasts but because they held vital information for his cause. He convinced many of the Dragonborn to call him master and as a symbol of their loyalty they tattooed his fingers with their tribal marks. Melech wears their marks like royal seals on his fingers and it gives him access to contacts and allies that a normal human wouldn't have.

Two Dragons from these villages now follow him as his loyal guards and subjects, Khordiss and Theodorus. They both were convinced of the cause and were promissed power, fame and wealth if they pledged their lives to Melech and his cause. Now caught up in wars in the North Melech and his guards wonder with a group for "lesser" mortals in search of answers and relics which may give them keys to unlocking the secret to "Him and his power!"…



Campaign History

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Melech in search for relics of significance to his quest came across (by that I mean he urinated on a church to put out enough of the fire that had consumed the building to see what was inside) a relic of a "good" god and thus he deemed it worthless, for those who are good normally don't strive for power. He graciously turned it over to a priestess in the Seven-Pillar Hall but unfortunately due to his poor choice in words and his anger over her lack of helping his, was kicked out and banned from the temple.

Again in Melech fashion, as him and his party limped back to the Seven Pillar hall from a vicious battle, during which Theodorus has a battle of wit and strength with a door and the creatures behind it, doubt of the intellegence of his dragonborn companion begin to form, Melech gave an offensive gesture back at a line of archers who had already used him once as a pin cusion, but unfortunately for him they had better aim than he had reflex and his arm was once again turned to swiss cheese as he reached around the corner for those damn archers to receive his final "word".

In a final battle with the "great" Merkelmor, Melech received a map which spoke of a religious relic located South West of their location, one of which may provide some of the answers he seeks. He also removed the finger bone as a symbol that Merkelmor was a lacking but worthy foe.


Along with his "lesser" party Melech and his dragonborn guards lead the charge into a battle with some bandits in a tent city. Unfortuntately but to Melech's entertainment, Khordiss was nearly killed after being beaten through a tent and collapsing it to the ground. Melech continues to wonder why he has allied himself with these dragonborn.

While traveling one evening Melech and his party were searching for a place to make camp. Passing by a ruined temple, Melech was drawn to the grounds in search for religious artifacts. The group was quickly assaulted by men who looked like copies of Melech and his minions. The battle was long and painful with the enemy retreating several times and changing shapes often. As the party beat the minions into submission the final one ran into the forest never to be seen again. Melech furious with this act exploded into a fit of rage, ordering Theodoriss to removed the dead's heads. Melech then took the heads of the creatures and their armor which was stamped with a cult symbol and placed them in a pile in the center of the temple. Melech then ordered the pile to be burned. As the pieces caught fire Melech carved a message near the burning pile, it read "Weaklings, cowards and disgraces to their families."

As the party continued through the forest now without rest because Melech refused to rest next to such a pathetic race of creature. As they walked through one of the darkest parts of the forest it seemed like the shadows came to life. Growls were heard from deep in the underbrush along the road and the shapes of 5 Shadow wolves appear, their bodies cloaked in what appeared to be living shadow.

The pack snarled and then charged at the group, but they disappeared into shadow before they reached the party. Melech's rage began and he muttered "Great more, weaklings…" not sooner than he said those words but 4 of the 5 wolves had him surrounded. Obviously identifying the most powerful member of the group in attacking Melech first the wolves began to snap, bite and claw at the old flesh of the warlock. Melech began exploding in a fury of magic attempting to kill the beasts before they killed him. Alas Melech fell unconscious with the pain, the hound that claimed Melech was dowsed in radiant flames as Melech hit the floor smiling. Khordiss, the loyal dragonborn cleric of Melech, managed to revive him. The warlock stood up like a corpse from the grave, this surprised the wolves and again the teleported to attack Melech. Melech found the hound that he had wounded earlier and summoned up all his strength and as the wolves pounced on him and knocked him unconscious again, Melech unleashed an empowered Eldrich Blast which decimated the wolf. Staying loyal to his friend though getting tired of his reckless tactics, Khordiss revives Melech again. Melech more enraged but quite happy with this fight, began destroying the dogs one by one with his powerful Eldrich Blasts.

Melech as the pack surrounds the warlock one final time, Melech smiled, the first he has shown in ages, and mutteres "You are worthy!" The pack again brings Melech to the ground. As the spirit of the great warlock begins leaving the frail body of the old man, his dragonborn friends rush to his aid. Applying salves, medicines and bandages to stop the bleeding, the dragonborn were able to save the warlock. Melech thanked his friends, which now he held at a much higher respect due to their loyalty to him in the last battle. Melech turned to the bloodied corpses of the wolves and found the great wolf that had nearly claimed his life 3 times and knelt next to it. "My friend you are a brave creature and worthy of the best adventurers, but remember you didn't best ME!" with those words Melech reached into the mouth of the great dog and removed a tooth.

Due to the seriousness of his wounds in the battle with the wolves, Melech parted with his party to find aide in a nearby town as the party continued on their quest.


Following the map from Merkelmor Melech leads the party to a lumber camp where they find that the nearby druids hold this relic. During the night the tavern the party is staying in is attacked by possessed animals. Two new adventurers (a human and dwarf) quickly rush to the aid of the drunk and defenseless patrons down stairs. Melech disgusted by the lack of fight in the patrons, found great join in watching several of them get seriously injured and killed. After the battle Melech removed a claw from the large cave bear to show that it was a lacking but worthy opponent. Before leaving the tavern, several party members helped 3 patrons regain their strength so their wouldn't die from the injuries suffered, Melech was enraged by this act of charity, when given the opportunity to save the live of a patron Melech looked the young man in the eyes and said "Weakling, you deserve what you get," and smiled in enjoyment as the man passed away in a puddle of blood on the floor.

Melech and Khordiss were both kicked out of the bar after Khordiss asked for jerky to be made of the dead patrons, and Melech enraged with what just happened, called the bar keep a weak and pathetic soul, a waste of time, space and air.

Melech and his party continued to see Appleton and his camp. When entering the camp Melech already began to like Appleton due to the way he treated his workers. It seemed more like slave labor than an actual lumber camp, it was great! Appleton was very short with the party and sent them to investigate his missing friend and to put an end to the druid attacks on his camp.

The party played, what Melech viewed as a waste of his time, a LONG game of find the truth and fix nature. As they prepared for find the druids the party ran into several enemies but one of note, a Tiefling rogue. Melech was pleased with this enemy's ability to move through the shadows and strike fear and pain into the hearts of his enemies from vicious attacks in the darkness. Though of coarse no match for the powerful warlock, Melech did find his little game of hide and go poke very funny so in honor of the dead piece of dirt, Melech removed one of the Tiefling's horns.

Continuing on to the druid camp the party stumbled across the corpse of Appleton's second in command. Melech, pissed off over having to deal with these "nature types" took his wand and pierced the eye of the corpse leaving a permanent scar on it's check. Against Melech's wishes the party prepared the body for transport back to Appleton.

After chit chatting with the druids the party was ordered to see out information about the strange purple haze and curse ravaging the wild life. The group set out to the ruins of a nearby city where they came across a band of Hobgoblins who agreed that we could pass if we bested their champion in 1 on 1 combat. Melech, the most powerful of the group member volunteered his services. The battle raged, the Champion's axe left large gashes on the body of the warlock, and the Champion's body contorted in pain as Melech landed spell after spell. The two contestants were very winded as the battle was long and hard. As Melech raised his wand to deliver the final blow, the Champion got a second wind and slashed the warlock with his great axe, and thus Melech fell to the ground. Melech while laying in the pool of his own blood looked up at the Champion and smiled and muttered, "Finish me, you know you want to…." The Champion seemed confused with this phrase being that the warlock was smiling as he bled out on the ground…Melech again spoke, yelling this time, "FINISH ME!" The Champion lowered his axe and went back to his friends to seek medical attention. Melech rose to his feet, still bleeding from several wounds, covered his head with his hood and turned and walked away…"He's a fool and a coward, doesn't have the power or will to take a life…pathetic…"

After the encounter with the Hobgoblins the party ran into a large crack in the land and met Karn and his guard dog. Melech, seeing that the dog and Karn were drawing great power from the purple crystals which lined the large gorge cut into the land, decided to run away to fight another day.

On the way back to the druids, the party ran into a group of bandits. Leading the bandits were 2 great wizards. Melech destroyed one of the wizards with concentrated shadow power which was focused into bolts directly aimed at the head of the wizard. Unable to withstand the shadowy assault the wizard's head exploded. After the party finished the fight, Melech removed the toe of the wizard, not for being a formidable opponent but because he reminded him of his Master Sailizorn.

Due to the injuries Melech suffered with the duel, he stayed at Appleton's camp to seek medical attention while the party continued.

The party returned to Melech to begin their new mission, killing Karn. On their way back to confront him, they party ran into a group for Skeletons. These beasts were strong and were able to launch their bone fragments out of themselves and cause serious damage to their opponents. After the battle, being that Melech was not hit by their fragments, he yanked a fragment out of Khordiss's arm…he was not pleased.

The battle with the Demi God Karn was not pleasant for one member of the party. One that frankly Melech didn't trust to begin with. Xainkary chose to ally himself with Karn and for this was killed. Karn resurrected the fallen elemental man and turned him into a crystal. The battle was long and hard AND painful…Melech enjoyed every moment of pain and torture Karn sent his way. The druid Redleaf had a single mission in this battle which was to place a scepter into a large crystal formation to drain Karn of his powers. Karn made it very public in his life and dieing moments that Melech was on a quest which was against the Gods, and that "The Betrayer must never again be allowed to walk this land"…Melech was not pleased with the work of the druid during the battle being that Karn was mortally wounded before the scepter was placed in to its resting place. As the druid placed the scepter into the crystal Karn and Crystal Xainkary crumbled to dust which was quickly placed in two separate vials for trophies on Melech's necklace. Angered at the druid Melech proceeded to yell at him as they made their escape…"OH NOW you're NOT worthless now that we are running away!"…

They returned to Appleton and explained the situation and renegotiated the peace between the lumber mill and the druids before setting out to a large city several miles away which was rumored to contain the final resting place of "The Betrayer's armor."…

On the way to the city, the party ran into a group of sturges. Though they proved to be some what challenging, they were decimated by the powers of Melech and his growing shadow power. The stinger and proboscis were both removed and added to the necklace.

Upon entering the town the party found a priest who was able to turn the dust of their fallen comrade back into flesh and bone. Melech REALLY not pleased he had to give up such a good trophy for a worthless weakling's life forced the party to promise when Xainkary was resurrected, he could remove a piece of him to replace the dust. The group agreed. During the resurrection, Khordiss misspoke some words and resurrected the dust into a crystallized dragonborn. Melech then proceeded to sneak up behind the dragonborn and remove the tip of his tail for his necklace.

(The famous Necklace was enchanted at this town into a Necklace of second life, which calls on the power of Melech's old foes to give him new life.)

The party was treated to a gladiatorial show at the city, though the great warlock was not pleased about attending being that he had special matters he was there for. During the show, a member of the winning team shouted "ALL HAIL ORCUS!" and proceed to throw his weapon at the King. His royal guard quickly intercepted the projectile which glanced off his armor and fell to the floor. Melech perked up a little in seeing this before returning to his pipe weed.

After the excitement, the party was taken by the king as special guess to his house where they were brought into a room of treasures. Many priceless artifacts were in this room including the most prized possession of the king, his petrified dragon egg, which stood on a tall platform encased in a magical barrier in the center of the room. Melech was not interested in the egg like the others, but rather walked carefully to one corner, where inside a glass case rested a suit of red plate mail which glowed with a darkness of old evil magic. Melech asked…"what is this…." mesmerized by the armor as if he was under a charm spell.

"That is the armor of the Betrayer…" The king responded

Melech's face gleamed with madness as he touched the glass, his eyes fixated on the armor. JUST THEN, portals opened around the room, and members of the Cult of Orcus came out…"These belong to Orcus now! and anyone standing in the our way, will die"

Melech's attention shifted, the madness still in his eyes…."FOOLS! Challenge me do you…That will be the last mistake of your miserable life." Melech's raised his wand as it began to glow with power aiming at a robed figure which had just exited the portal…

Other stuff

Updated list of Necklace parts: (8-28-09)
Murkelmor's finger bone
Large Cave Bear Claw
Shadow Wolf tooth
Tiefling Rogue horn
Bandit Wizard toe
Bone shard skeleton fragment
A chunk of a Draco-Lich's wing
A vial of the dust of Karn
A vial of the dust of Xiankary-> Rezed Xainkary and as payment, replaced the dust with the tip of Xainkary's new tail
Proboscis of an over sized Sturge
Stinger from the over sized Sturge

Worthy Opponents:

After a long hunt of a great Duergar Murkelmor, Melech removed a finger bone and created a necklace out of it as a symbol that he was a lacking but worthy opponent.

After a bar fight with some local wild life which were possessed by near by druids to attack a lumber camp, Melech removed a large cave bear claw and added it to his necklace a symbol of his destruction of the pathetic but worthy opponent.

After several near death experiences against a pack of teleporting shadow wolves Melech found the creatures very formatible and very interesting creatures. As a mark of honor to the creature, Melech removed one of the most vicious wolves teeth for his collection.

Memorable quotes

As said in the bar as he watched the drunken people die to wolves, snakes and a large cave bear, "Weaklings all of of them, they deserve to die!"

As said to a shadow wolf which lead a pack of shadow wolves which almost killed Melech 3 times, "My friend you are brave creature and worthy of the best adventurers but remember, you didn't best ME!"

(To Redleaf) NOW you're not worthless…now that we are running away"

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