Skandar Arandon
General information
Name: Skandar Arandon
Gender: Male
Player: Vyn
Race: Elf
Class: Ranger marauder
Current level: 2 (deceased)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Skin: Tanned
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Other features: Nothing significant

Skandar Arandon is an elf ranger using the marauder build.


Skandar is a tall and muscular elf, standing at 6’5”. He has long black hair and deep green eyes. From years of roaming in the desert, his skin is darkly tanned. He is a survivor who favors a brutal combat style.


Skandar is a marauder ranger of an Elven tribe that roams the Ivory Triangle. Skandar is one of the tallest elves in his tribe and occasionally leads small raiding parties in search of abandoned resources or hapless traders/adventurers from whom supplies can be liberated.


Skandar is a character in Jeremy’s Dark Sun campaign.

Campaign History

Meeting the Party (10/2/10): On an ordinary inhospitable day in the desert, Skandar and his fellow sand raiders happened upon a band of unfortunate looking adventurers. Well, perhaps they looked a little better than that…but the fact that a group of marauding elves found them makes them unfortunate. After a brief skirmish, an impossibly huge flock of predator birds interrupted the action. The elves and the adventuring party began scrambling away from the hostile predators. While fleeing, all the elves but Skandar were picked apart by the birds. Then, with the safety of Crescent Forest in view, elemental forces blocked the party’s way and began attacking. The air, fire, and earth elementals seemed to focus on a hooded humanoid that was apparently carrying a magical dagger. Once the elementals were defeated, the party proceeded into the forest and then to Nibenay. Skandar choose to accompany the party…thinking that perhaps he could acquire their supplies later on. Unfortunately, Skandar and the party were abruptly teleported from Nibenay to Tyr. At this point, he is unsure as to what would be his best course of action and he fears that he may now be involved in something quite complicated.

On the road…again (10/9/10): After a brief respite in Tyr…and a visit to the Elven Market…the party meets a man named Carlton who hires the party for an excursion into the desert. Upon leaving Carlton’s office/residence, a templar of Urik and his cohorts attacks the party. The party leaps into action…in Skandar’s case, this was literal. He climbs to the roof of the adjacent building and quickly dispatches three enemy archers. He then charges back into the fight to assist his “friends” who have been knocked unconscious by the templar’s powers. With several swift attacks, Skandar wounds a dwarf, wakes the unconscious monk Slurry, and knocks the templar unconscious. Sadly, Skandar was knocked out by a dwarf’s hammer immediately after…luckily, Slurry managed to finish off the bad guys and save the party.

After collecting their supplies, the party proceeds into the desert intent on finding a face in stone. After some skillful desert navigation by Slurry and Skandar, the party arrived at their destination only to find a band of raiders already there…with human prisoners. The majority of the party goes right and begins pummeling their enemies…Skandar goes left to finish off the lesser foes. It goes well initially as Skandar efficiently kills two of the fighters. Unfortunately, his luck didn’t hold and after a long and frustrating fight (about 24 seconds), he dispatches the third fighter. By that time the party finished off the rest of the enemies. Somewhat chagrined, Skandar took up a spotter’s position and waited for more action.

**The End (11/6/10): After dealing with the bandits, the party pushed valiantly through the vast sandstorm. Skandar and the monk, Slurry, made it through first and were shortly joined by the rest of the party. They faced off with some trogg-like creatures and got blasted by fiercely charged lightning pillars. The party fought valiantly, but they lost one of their party, Slurry, to a deep rocky and watery grave. As they moved on, they met another fighter trapped within the cave. The monk/ardent, happily joined the group and helped fight off several nasty zombies and skeletons. Unfortunately, the next encounter didn't go too well. The party members were trounced by wispy air elementals, a bone golem, and a soul-sucking cauldron. Skandar managed to hit a few air elementals and then got blasted into the cauldron. Sadly, he was knocked unconscious and met his end in that cauldron…never to learn the fate of the rest of the party.

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