General information
Name: Theodorus
Gender: Male
Player: Nic
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Fighter
Current level: 4
Height: Fighter
Weight: 345lbs
Skin: blue scales
Hair: none
Eyes: yes
Other features: Smells of old meat

Theodorus is a Dragonborn fighter who made his first appearance in T1A1. He is a good friend of Khordiss. He likes live puppies. He loves boiled live puppies. He dislikes smelly puppies. He absolutely detests loud smooth skins. He needs alcohol to get through the day.


Theodorus was a blue dragonborn tribe member from the same regions as Khordiss, just like his tribe, he was trained extensively in the art of war. His specialty is in his tribal weapon, the scimitar. He is loud, obnoxious, and generally speaks his mind if he feels like it. Incredibly proud, he lets very little things think they are better than him, and if there is anything (alive) that can claim they are better than Teo, he tends to violently rectify this problem with several quick swings with his scimitar, Wart.

Some of his thought revolves around the 'live and let die' principle. He's not sad when people die. If it serves in his best interest, he'll save someone, but generally he does not care about the comings and goings of his chaotic world. He borders on the self-centered, but in reality, it's just Dragonborn upbringing (according to his own view). The strongest will survive, the weak will fall beneath the trample of the strong, if they can't get out of the way fast enough. He does not wish death on other people, but he certainly won't think twice if someone seems to threaten his world.

Although not incredibly intelligent, there is something to Theodorus's speech (accent not withstanding) that can have a way of convincing people of seeing things his way. Not too eloquent, his speech tends to be direct and without any sort of flair. He tells it like he sees it.


Theodorus was born to a warrior father and mother. There was nothing really all that special about his up bringing except he has been hit in the head so many times that at unexpected moments in time he can have severe bouts of amnesia that can force him to forget events that could happen as soon as five minutes ago. Not much is known about the pattern of this severe condition, but it comes and goes as it pleases, and Teo is not that worried about it.

Strangely, Teo is very good friends with a dragonborn from the white tribe, Khordiss, and the two are very rarely seen apart from each other, except when Khordiss gets himself killed, which makes Teo laugh very hard because then he can finally get his 600 gold that is owed to him by his more clericky friend.

However, now he has met this really loud smoothskin, who has promised him power, wealth, and fame beyond his wildest dreams, just as long as he obeys this warlock and keeps his allegience to said smoothskin. Teo does not object to this because he gets live puppies to eat, Khordiss to harass, and well, Sasha to keep him company (if she ever comes back).

Zan'kyri has now become an actual dragonborn, which pleases Teo to no end.


Campaign History


Had a sword named Sasha. Also participated in a door-slamming competition mid-combat in an attempt to save the character Sasha. Generally useless. Gained a Frostcrest Scimitar from… …. … someone, Teo does not rememebr. Teo named after first kill, an orc named Wart. Wart makes Teo happy. Teo smash people who make Wart unhappy.


Has done nothing of note.

Other stuff

Fill this out as need be.

Memorable quotes

"Khordiss, do you remember zhat you owe me 600 gold? Da, my friend. Give me the gold. Make Teo happy."
"Da? Vell, Sasha does not agree. Do you know vhat happens vhen Sasha does not agree? Vell.. she's a sword, she does nozink! But *I* kill things, vhen she disagrees."
"…. Khordiss? Can ve eat them now? They make too much noise."
Teo: "Mmmmm.. Sasha is so lovely.." Khordiss: "…. Teo, Sasha has STDs." Teo, while inspecting his sword with alarm: "WHO TOUCHED SASHA!?"
"Dis is not a problem."

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