Tyranthor, the Greenflame Novice

| name = Tyranthor
| player = Terrance
| birthplace = Elsathar
| gender = Male
| race = Sun Elf (Eladrin)
| class = Swordmage
| alignment = Good

Fresh from his tutelage at the Greenflame Academy, Tyranthor is a young Gold Elf (Eladrin) Swordmage whose chosen disciplines are Fire and Translocation. After completing his studies, he performed a small stint as soldier of the Sun Elf town of Elsathar, where he further honed his ability with his chosen weapon, the longsword. In appearance, he stands five inches above five feet, with black hair and emerald green eyes. His chest and arms are covered in tattoos that reflect his dedication to his profession: green and black flames that occasionally flare as he channels his powers.

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