General information
Name: Zan-kyri
Gender: M
Player: Diggs
Race: Genassi
Class: Swordmage
Current level: 7
Skin: Purple-ish blue
Hair: Blue Crystals
Eyes: White-ish blue
Other features: Glowing runic lines (blue).

Aspiring Genasi Swordmage specializing in Thunder and Lightning abilities, hailing from Trestlebridge.


Zan-kyri is highly intelligent, but pretty poor when it comes to people. What he lacks in conversation, he makes up for in action. He is a generally kind-hearted, sometimes whimsical sort of fellow.


Keeps an "adventure log" of sorts detailing his past adventures. He typically updates this nightly during his adventures.

Adventure Log - Entry 1: "Zan-kyri: Trestlebridge Savior"
Adventure Log Two - Entry 1: "Zan-kyri: Adventurer, Misfit"

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