Devonshire, the martial city
Ruler: Duke Peter Thrannyth and Duchess Anastasia Thrannyth
City Size: 115,000
Population Breakdown: Human (74%), Dwarf (10%), Dragonborn/Goliath (6%), Eladrin/Elf (4%), Halfling/Gnome (3%), Other (3%)
Garrison: 75,000 soldiers (city watch: 25,000)
Landmarks: The Citadel (martial academy), Temple of Kord
Regional Population: 115,000 (Devonshire); 15,000 (Other)

Background/History: The city was founded in the waning days of the human empire of Nerath. The Thrannyth’s and several other noble families pooled their resources to create a city that would survive the fall of the empire. The Thrannyth’s holdings were considered the most defensible and militarily viable for the establishment of a prosperous settlement. In this area, Devonshire was built and has stood for about 100 years. Since that time, House Thrannyth has established uncontested rulership over the city-state.

Thirty two years after its founding, and twelve years after the fall of Nerath, the rulers of Devonshire chose to join an alliance being forged by the House Pelagrir, rulers of the city of Exmoor. While Devonshire was capable of protecting itself, its expansion was being hamstrung by large infestations of orcs, goblins, and undead, and a red dragon named Vivarda. Exmoor was a well developed city at the time of the fall of Nerath. While Exmoor did decline slightly after the fall, it still had greater resources, both militarily and economically, to bring to bear and root out the orcs, goblins, and undead. The dragon, Vivarda, was finally defeated by the combined might of Exmoor, Devonshire, Karrac, and the dwarves from Morduruk.

Devonshire was the second city-state to join the alliance under House Pelagrir (Karrac being the first). The alliance with the dwarves of Morduruk was formed after Devonshire’s inclusion into the alliance. As time progressed, three additional cities, Dunkerk, Salusa, and Begnion, which managed to prosper in the time after the fall of Nerath, joined with the others under House Pelagrir.

The rulers of Devonshire, Karrac, and Begnion were granted their titles and lands by the Empire of Nerath. The Kings and Queens of Exmoor have upheld these titles and granted peerage to the rulers in Dunkerk and Salusa as well.

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