Dunkerk, the city of trade
Ruler: Baron Oloroar Pegason Dragonsbane and Baroness Araemita Pegason
Size: 35,000
Population breakdown:
Garrison: 12,000 (city watch: 4,000)
Major Organizations: The Almaren Trade Authority
Landmarks: The Temple of Avandra, Temple of Melora
Regional Population: 35,000 (Dunkerk); 2,000 (Other)
Recent History:

Current Events:

Immediately prior to the fall of Salusa, there had been a significant increase in piracy and smuggling that had eaten away at the shipping capabilities of Devonshire and claimed several navy ships. The majority of the Almaren Navy was based in Exmoor and Dunkerk. With the fall of Salusa, many assets were redistributed and the bulk of the Exmoor navy was taken out of service. News also came to Bog Tooth that several of his friends in the Chillbane Assasins had been brutally murdered in Dunkerk.

Campaign Significant Thus Far:

After a brief respite in the City of Devonshire, the party was invited to attend a state dinner in the City of Dunkerk. Cameron met with Viscount Gellantara prior to their departure and was promoted to a captain in the Salusan Militia. The Duke of Devonshire arranged transport for the party on one of the few remaining navy vessels in Devonshire. The Duke warned them that Baron Oloroar Pegason was a sneaky individual whose trustworthiness was questionable. However, his wife, the Baroness Araemita Pegason was a woman of the highest quality and one of the most beautiful women in the land.

The party left Devonshire and sailed for Dunkerk under the banner of the Almaren Trade Authority and the Duke. A few days into the voyage, the ship was immersed in a dense fog. Luckily, the vessel’s captain was sure of the route and held their course steady towards Dunkerk. As the sun rose through the fog, several cannon shots were heard and, shortly thereafter, felt. The enemy cannons disabled the ship’s rudder, obliterated the ship’s gunnery decks, and destroyed the main mast. The enemy vessel quickly pulled alongside and prepared to board. As the pirates took aim with their crossbows and prepared to clear the top decks of crewmen, the wizard Sarcenn emerged from the ship’s forecastle and caused the upper decks of the enemy ship to be engulfed in a noxious cloud. In the midst of the fighting, a raging barbarian leaped into the fight and quickly thinned the enemies’ ranks. After a prolonged fight, the enemy captain lay dead and a new vessel had been acquired to replace the Duke’s lost ship.

The party’s vessel sailed into the cove of Dunkerk under moderate fog. The ship passed into the harbor under a colossus which stood astride the harbor. The party was escorted to Pegason Palace and made ready for the state dinner. Throughout the course of the evening’s frivolities, the party was introduced to many nobles and wealthy businessmen of the city. The most influential person that they were introduced to was Lord Clarance Rhoop, the leader of the Almaren Trade Authority in Dunkerk. However, Sarcenn was attracted to a more interesting individual, a tiefling who served as one of the Baroness’ handmaidens. The party made small talk with many of the nobles and learned that there had been some unrest in the city and a few unexplained murders. The party spoke with the Baron and found him to be of little use, a man who seemed to live continually in the glory of past victories. The Baroness, however, was a beautiful and powerful woman in her own right and a cousin of the royal house. She arranged for the party to be escorted to a villa which would be their home for the duration of their stay in Dunkerk.

That night, the tiefling handmaiden, Delia, presented herself at the villa and invited Sarcenn to join her for the evening. He readily accepted and was taken back to Pegason Palace. Shortly after arriving at the palace, he found himself in a well appointed sitting room…occupied by the Baroness. Baroness Pegason indicated that she was highly suspicious of the dealings of the Trade Authority within Dunkerk. The Baroness indicated that she was a good friend of Agent Ylaren and that the discovery of evidence that indicated who might be responsible for the corruption and shortages of supplies within Almaren would be highly beneficial. Sarcenn then departed…and after a brief liaison with Delia, returned to the villa.

Unsure as to how to precede, Astrid, Vorlexian, and Sarcenn walked out to the warehouse district to investigate the recent murders. Cameron and the raging barbarian, Wulfgar, headed out to some of the seedier taverns in Dunkerk to see what they could learn about the darker side of the city.

Astrid, Vorlexian, and Sarcenn came across a warehouse that was the site of a recent murder. After a brief distraction created by Sarcenn and Vorlexian, Astrid made her way into the warehouse and found the residue of a unique poison.

Cameron and Wulfgar had little luck in finding the seedier side of Almaren, but they met an off-duty guard of the Almaren Trade Authority who recognized Cameron; however, he wasn’t from the Dunkerk branch of the Trade Authority. It turned out that he was a retainer who served in Salusa. He was quite forthcoming when he recognized Cameron. He indicated that the Trade Authority had recently placed a high bounty for members of the Syndicate, which also included members of the Chillbane Assassins. When it became apparent that Cameron wasn’t interested in collecting bounties, the guard suggested that they seek out Coordinator Lorso. Coordinator Lorso was transferred to Dunkerk and, after a recent shake-up of the Authority’s leadership, was relegated to a menial position. The guard suggested that they might seek Lorso out at the Trade Authority’s offices or her residence in the city.

The party sought Lorso at her residence that evening. She greeted them kindly and invited them into the residence. After exchanging a few kind words, the house was attacked. A group of Halflings, elves, gnomes, and one human sought to assassinate Coordinator Lorso. After an intense period of fighting, the party managed to defeat the assassins. Several escaped in to the night, but the human assassin was killed in the fighting.

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