Eastrun Crossing

Describing the region that holds Appleton's Lumberyard, The Rigid Rooster, Ten-Stone, and the Dead City, Eastrun Crossing is a section of river and road south of Harkenwold and north of Trestlebridge. At times, almost a community unto itself, the region is currently fraught with peril, as when night falls, a violet haze chokes the region, possessing the wildlife and sending it forth to ravage the civilized portions of the area. Not even the druids of Ten-Stone are safe now, and there is talk of a beast of man, carved from the earth itself, with a back covered in violet crystal that stalks the forests.

Appleton's Lumberyard is a large setup that sprawls on both sides of the road. Featuring nearly 30 workers, it is one of the largest operations in the Harkenwold region. Rommel Appleton himself is a stern, dark-haired man with a goatee and ponytail. He sees nothing but the coin, and is relentless in his pursuits. He thinks the druids are attacking him, and hires mercenaries to make it stop, and recently lost his second-in-command to the predations of the wild animals in the region. Things are becoming so dangerous that he has, for the first time, considered sending his workers away until the peril has subsided.

The Dead City, which lies in the region, is the remains of a bastion of power from several hundred years past. The lorebooks tell that the city's death came about by its greed. The populace were destroying the forest, cutting large swaths to fuel their fires, hunting the game nearly to extinction to feed their swelling numbers, and covering the whole of the region in the smoke from their workshops. The druids of Ten-Stone, whose pleas had gone unheard, decided to act to save their lands, calling forth a great champion of the woodlands to lead an army of nature against the city. The Archdruid Arduun Rivenfist, an exiled dwarf of the Rivenfist Holds, led the vanguard with his Staff "Earth-heart," a carved shaft of black oak topped with a fist-sized amethyst. The staff, and Arduun, were both lost that day, but the city still fell. The druids say that Arduun knew of his fate before the first arrow flew, for there must always be balance.

Ten-Stone is a henge of the druids, a ley focus of their natural powers. Led by the Orc Redleaf (who stands over 6 feet with wild red hair and armor made of enchanted red leaves) the druids are currently embittered by the actions of Appleton, who has seen fit to disregard the agreement that slowed his lumber business. As Harkenwold is in the throes of rebuilding, the money's good at the moment, and he does not want to lose a bit of it, but his tenacity and greed are having an adverse effect on the forest, which forced the druids to consider more drastic measures, including the summoning of a champion of nature. The champion arose in the form of Karn, an earth genasi whose body is formed from the very altar of Ten-Stone. However, his methods were harsh and draconian, and appalled Redleaf, and so their champion deserted them. Now, it seems, the rogue force of nature wants revenge on the whole region.

The Rigid Rooster, north of Appleton's, is a comfortable inn and taphouse where the crews unwind after a hard day. Owned by the mustachioed Marley, the inn is also the only place to purchase mounts between Harkenwold and Trestlebridge.

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