Exmoor, the capital
Ruler: King Richard Pelagrir and Queen Trianna Pelagrir
Size: 230,000
Population breakdown: Human (42%), Dwarf (14%), Eladrin/Elf (14%), Halfings/Gnomes (13%), Dragonborn/Goliaths (12%), Other (4%)
Garrison: 90,000 (City Watch: 28,000)
Major Organizations:
Landmarks: The Imperial Palace, Almaren Senate Hall, Imperial University, Temple of Erathis
Regional Population: 230,000 (Exmoor); 23,000 (Other)

Background/History: The city of Exmoor was founded by House Pelagrir approximately 175 years before the fall of the Nerath Empire. The patriarch of House Pelagrir was one of the chief advisors to the emperor of Nerath. For his long years of exemplary service, he was granted the title of Archduke and given a massive region in the northeast of the empire to tame and maintain as his hereditary holdings in addition to the large estate near the capital of Nerath.

This northeastern region, which had been part of the empire for sometime, had been forsaken by the rulership of Nerath for over 200 years. In that period of time, what settlements had been located in that region began to decay and eventually were destroyed by wild beasts and monsters. It was rumored that the region had once served as a conduit for trade between the Nerath Empire and an ancient dwarven nation, but there was no historical evidence to support such a notion. While the region had once been settled, the landscape had become saturated with ferocious beasts and all manner of foul creatures. A few dragons had even been seen in some of the distant mountains. Prior to the settlement of House Pelagrir, the region was referred to as moorland, or the land of all things dark.

With the assistance of a large detachment of the army of the Nerath Empire, Archduke Pelagrir quickly established a fortress city in the region at the mouth of the Almar River. The city was gradually expanded outward from the walls of the fortress. As the fortress city grew and it became clear that the settlement had matured to a city, Archduke Pelagrir named the city Exmoor, to immortalize the fact that the city led the region out of the darkness.

Current Events:

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