East of Winterhaven by a solid day's travel, Harkenwold is an industrious community based around lumber work. Situated in the heart of the woods, the town of 300 harvests common and rare woods alike, selling them all over the vale. Recently, Duergar from the north raided the town at night, capturing the populace for use as slaves in their underground city of Khazad-Dun, and putting the town to the torch. Being a city made nearly entirely from wood, the town was decimated. Now the community is in a time of recovery. The population has dropped to just over 200, but Appleton's lumberyard, a few days south, was untouched, and had plenty of materials to begin reconstruction immediately. It will be months, perhaps years before the town fully recovers, but the resilient spirit of the survivors drives the town ever forward. However, unsettling rumors have been surfacing about the local Baron, including ties to banditry, and even that he planned the Duergar raid in return for "compensation."

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