General information
Name: Jarvix
Gender: Male
Player: Nic
Race: Tiefling
Class: Psion
Current level: 1
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 173lbs
Skin: tan
Hair: blue
Eyes: white
Other features: Only has a single horn, unlike his Tiefling kin.

Jarvix, Psion of the Unveiled Alliance

Jarvix was orphaned at a young age, but exhibited affinity towards the Way (psionics). His trong mental abilities caused him to manifest fits of rage and depression, making him anti-social and ultimately resulting in his enslavement. He was freed from slavery when the sorcerer-king Kalak fell and drifted for a time in the streets of Tyr until his telepathy helped him stumble into the mind of a passing old sage. The sage was a member of the Veiled Alliance, and with all his courage, Jarvix approached him. He demonstrated his talents and the old man recognized the potential service he could provide the Veiled Alliance. Since that time, he has used his telepathy to seek out new recruits for the Alliance.

Jarvix, unlike most other tieflings, only has a single horn. Perhaps this cosmetic flaw has something to do with his mental acuity as well. He wears a cowled cape to cover his deformity and the people of Athas, used to such extremes, seem to pay it no mind, even though he is gravely concerned about his appearance

Journal Entries

Turn of Circumstance

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