Karrac, the arcane city
Ruler: Grand Duke Horaver Loyalar and Grand Duchess Pruaga Loyalar
Size: 22,000
Population breakdown: Human (46%), Eladrin/Elf (22%), Gnomes/Halflings (18%), Dwarf/Dragonborn (7%), Other (5%)
Garrison: 7,500 (city watch: 2,250)
Major Organizations:
Landmarks: The Arcane Academy, Bardic College, Temple of Corellon, Temple of Ioun
Regional Population: 22,000 (Karrac); 3,000 (Other)

Background/History: Karrac, led by House Loyalar, was a center of magical learning and discovery established 135 years before the fall of the empire. While the city has stood for some time, the arcane rulers of Karrac have limited the growth of the city due to their insular nature. This insular nature has been encouraged by the Arcane Academy, which was established within the city, as membership within that body is very difficult to secure.

As time passed, the magical research and experimentation within the City of Karrac began to weaken the barriers between the World and its echoes, the Feywild and Shadowfell, as well as, the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos. While this allowed foreign beasts to enter the northern reaches of Almaren, the weakened barrier proved to be an attraction for Eladrin, Gnomes, and Elves, as well as, shadow creatures such as the Shadar-kai.

With the assistance of Eladrin, Elven, and Gnomish wizards and sorcerers, the humans of Karrac have grown extremely powerful in the arcane arts. However, as more aggressive beasts began terrorizing the outlying villages of the region guarded by Karrac, the city’s arcane rulers determined that magical prowess alone was not sufficient to properly defend the region. For this reason, an alliance was formed with House Pelagrir, rulers of the City of Exmoor. The armies of Exmoor were more than sufficient to reestablish authority in the region and permitted the arcane leaders of Karrac to focus more on their own projects and arcane research.

The Arcane Academy’s perfection of rituals which allow for the transportation of large groups of people and goods was achieved shortly after the alliance with Exmoor and contributed greatly to the growth and development of Almaren.

After the fall of the empire, the size of the city increased significantly as wizards and sorcerers from all over the empire relocated to within its walls.

Due to the increased presence of wizards and sorcerers who are continuously experimenting, the many towers of the city are constantly shielded by many visible wards which typically look like multi-colored spheres surrounding the towers’ highest levels.

Current Events:

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