Kieran's T1A2 Notes


Kieran joined the party after they paid a visit to the Rigid Rooster tavern, near the community of Harkenwold. He has traveled with the party and participated in several combat encounters. For the most part, Kieran has always managed to hit his target; on very few occasions does he miss.

Kieran occasionally leaves the party for short jaunts or to attend to other business. Recently, he returned to Devonshire (via portal) to discuss some matters with his father, Duke Peter Thrannyth. The time spent with his father, a great fighter and warlord, and the experiences he has had in recent battles, allowed Kieran to improve his healing skills and adopt a fighter’s battle awareness.

Recent events, post 10/9/09

Immediately after the encounter with the shadar-kai in the treasure chamber of the baron of Silverlane Hold, Melech plunged headlong after their attackers into a strange portal which appeared to lead to the Shadowfell. Seeing Melech depart, Khordiss, with Bree under one arm, and Theodorus also plunged into the portal. Kieran, having considered the tactical wisdom of plunging blindly through an alien portal into enemy territory, prevented Majandra from following the group, as she was half-mad with desire to seize back the magical armor which the shadar-kai attackers had taken.

While the rest of the party is probably lost in the Shadowfell facing their death, Kieran has managed to keep together enough members to rescue the foolish Melech and the rest of his companions. Hopefully, with the help of Zan’kyri and Majandra, they’ll be able to pull off his gamble.

After a brief discussion with the Baron and his steward, Kieran, Majandra, and Zan’kyri went to see a priest that can supposedly get them to the Shadowfell. The priest then dispatched them to acquire items which are necessary to perform a transportation ritual, at either dusk or dawn. After retrieving these items from a wizard (who Majandra engaged in a telepathic shouting match), they encountered three Duergar. As Majandra engaged them in conversation, Kieran and Zan’kyri charged the enemy and caught them flat footed.

The enemies were quickly dispatched through Majandra’s leadership skills and Kieran’s damage dealing abilities. Zan’kyri was also quite helpful in killing the enemy, but he ended up taking more damage from Majandra (when she redirected an oncoming blade to have it connect with Zan’kyri) and Kieran (when he “accidentally” whacked Zan’kyri with his foot). It can probably be correctly surmised that both Kieran and Majandra are still a little bitter about having been betrayed by Zan’kyri during the fight with Karn. On the duergar corpses, they discovered a note signed with a block “M”. Unsure as to who dispatched the duergar, they returned to the priest.

The party spent the evening at the priests’ temple, primarily due to the fact that their scheduled departure time would have forced Zan-kyri to wake up waaaaay to early were they to travel to an inn. At the appointed hour, the party gathered together and was whisked away, along with some paladin of the priests’ temple, to the Shadowfell.

Kieran and company managed to join up with the rest of the party after a short jaunt through the Shadowfell escorted by a band of shadar-kai guards.

Prior to 1/16/10
Since the last update, the party has had several adventures through the Shadowfell. At the behest of the shadar-kai witch, the party set off to clear out some ruins in the center of the city that had been “occupied” by some duergar. On route, the group encountered several annoying wraiths and had the pleasure of killing a white dragon that happened to be roaming the abandoned streets. Finally, the nearly exhausted party managed to locate the ruins and found them to be more or less abandoned…at least by living creatures. The duergar had been killed and zombiefied since their last communication with the shadar-kai.

After dispatching the zombies, the party discovered that they were sealed in the ruins by an arcane ward. The party also discovered a note that seemed to suggest that the duergar and the shadar-kai had some sort of alliance. Through some exploration and good detective work, the party managed to locate several pieces of a statue that would be necessary to break the arcane ward and allow the party to leave. However, midway through attempting to break a complex arcane locking-mechanism, Bree, the party’s Halfling warlock, goes a touch insane and decides to fire a second bolt of necrotic energy at an arcane sigil that did not react well the first time it was shot (this was also the sigil that Khordiss put his tongue to and got a rather nasty burn and was flung across the room). Needless to say, the nearly exhausted party had to fight two nasty statues that decided to come to life and pummel them. Luckily, no one died and the party managed to escape back to the shadar-kai encampment.

Following a day of rest, the party set out again for a great fortress that was taken over by the duergar and their savage leader, Murkelmor. After a prolonged fight in the fortress' entrance hall, the party proceeded in to the fortress in search of Murkelmor.

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