General information
Name: Majandra
Gender: Female
Player: Scott
Race: Kalashtar
Class: Bard
Current level: 6

Majandra is a young bard who can see briefly into the future and use what she sees to shape the present.


Though before her transformation she was an pretty girl of average height for a human girl, afterwards she found that she had grown several inches to a height of 6'1" and was slightly slimmer than before. Her hair remained aubrun, but her skin took on a slightly paler shade. The most startling transformation were her eyes, which upon first view looked her normal hazel, upon closer examination one can see a gleaming blood gold color.


From a young age, Majandra had always loved to listen to the epic songs, tales, and legends of the many heroes of the world. Though it was apparent from an early age that she would never be able to be like her heroes since sadly she was very weak and was neither more hearty nor particularly graceful. though to her advantage her gifts of the mind were formidable, which became apparent in her time in bard academy. Though she was learning to be a competent bard, she did not possess the skill to be hero in her own right.
In her studies she came across the stories of people known as the kalashtar, humans whose bodies held their own human soul in addition to that of an entity from the realm of dreams. Knowing that with her skills she was unlikely to be a great adventurer, she devised a plan to become a kalashtar. Though it took months of study she discovered the ritual to summon an entity from the realm of dreams. The spirit, who was drove from his homeland by an evil regime who turned his once wonderful home into a land of nightmares, agreed to join with Majandra if she would find a way to help him reclaim his homeland and help bring his people home. Majandra quickly agreed and she became a kalashtar. She quickly learned that with the fusion of souls she now had the gift of telepathy and limited abilities of a seer. She quickly honed these abilities to aid her in her new quest, seeking magical items and power to aid in the battle against the dreaming dark.


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