The nation of Morduruk is a dwarven kingdom which has existed for hundreds of generations. The kingdom was founded in the age of Arkhosia and Bael Turath. While Morduruk never dominated the world’s stage as an empire, the nation grew steadily through the age of the dragonborn empire of Arkhosia and the tiefling empire of Bael Turath. Dwarven artisans from Morduruk were soon regarded throughout the world as some of the best stone and metal workers and they proved to be very gifted at imbuing items with magical properties.

The fall of Arkhosia and Bael Turath lead to a period of decline for the nation of Morduruk as hordes of demons, undead, and other foul creatures began terrorizing nations and cities. In the time that followed, the human empire of Nerath began to emerge as a great power. As the empire expanded, it growing borders eventually encroached upon the dwarves of Morduruk. Several bloody conflicts followed there initial meeting as the lords directing the expansion of the empire had no desire or inclination to share their lands with anyone. Time and again, the human commanders underestimated the abilities of the dwarves. This led to the signing of a temporary cease fire between the two sides. A group of observers was sent from Nerath’s capital to learn more about the dwarves. Amazed by their skills and battle prowess, the observers recommended an alliance between the dwarves and humans. This alliance ushered in a new period of growth and prosperity for Morduruk.

An overland highway was constructed from Morduruk to deep within Nerath which enhanced the alliance and the trade relationship between the dwarves and humans. For 300 years, the dwarves traded with the humans and instructed them in advanced stone working and metallurgical techniques. However, near the end of this period, the nobles of the Nerath Empire became highly decadent and self-absorbed. Notions of human superiority began to emerge and the warforged were constructed in the image of humans. Feeling that they had surpassed the dwarves, the empire slowly, but surely, cut off contact with the dwarves of Morduruk, expelling them from cities, history, and memory.

Shortly after this betrayal, the fortunes of Morduruk turned decidedly south. Dwarven mining activities in the far east burrowed deep enough to disturb the lair of an ancient brown dragon, which consumed many dwarves and destroyed several major cities. The dwarves rallied against this threat and were forced to focus their entire military and economic might to defeat the threat. The nation has yet to recovered from this disastrous turn of events.

As the riches of Morduruk were depleted, power struggles emerged within the ruling families which laid the nation low for at least 200 years. Many border cities were abandoned, either because they were too exposed or too difficult to supply. The nation turned inward, focusing on repairing the wounds of the past and preparing for the future.

Shortly after the fall of the Nerath Empire, the dwarves of Morduruk managed to rebuild their nation and began a campaign to reclaim its abandoned cities, many of which had become infested with orcs, goblins, undead, and other foul creatures. Three years into the campaign, the dwarves sought to reclaim the city of Berylingard, their jewel of the west. Berylingard was a marvelous city, carved into the side of a mountain rich in beryl crystal. The dwarves were surprised, and initially furious, to discover humans from the fallen empire of Nerath occupying their former city.

Fortunately, the commander leading the dwarven armies was a level-headed individual who realized that a prolonged conflict with the humans would halt Morduruk’s growth for many years. For this reason, a tenuous peace was established as both sides attempted to gauge the strengths of the other. A two week investigation took place with leaders of both nations visiting and observing the behaviors of the other. Upon hearing of the fall of Nerath and the struggles of Almaren, the leaders of Morduruk realized that any alliance formed would be made between equals, as neither nation had the ability to overpower the other.

To solidify the treaty, several ordinances were established that would be upheld by both nations. Firstly, the city of Berylingard would be shared under joint rulership, with a dwarf in place as leader of the city and a city council of Almaren citizens and Morduruk dwarves. Secondly, the sons and daughters of the nations' rulers would individually spend at least a year studying in the opposite nation. Thirdly, an embassy would be established in each capital city whose ambassador would be included in the government processes of each nation.

This alliance has lasted for 100 years and has so far been profitable to both Almaren and Morduruk.

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