Notes For Next Session

Characters should be leveled to level 8 for entry into Salusa (next session)

These requests pertain to the campaign which is scheduled to begin this coming Friday, September 4th.

Things to prepare
1. A level 5 character of your choosing

  • Fresh characters; (utilizing the DND Character Builder is acceptable and encouraged)
  • Be sure this character is one you're interested in taking to a high level.
  • Regarding money and magical items, your characters may begin with three magical items of a level equal to, greater than, and one below their level. Additionally, your character may have 200 gp and one additional level 1 or level 2 magical item, as this assumes that your character has been adventuring before and had travelling expenses. A character with the ritual or alchemy feats can have one additional level 1 or level 2 ritual recorded in their book in place of the level 1 or level 2 magic item.

2. A level 11 version of your level 5 character

3. Develop this character almost as an alter ego; please include:

  • Character background;
  • Personality traits and mannerisms;
  • Diety worshipped, if any;
  • Strengths and weaknesses (flaws);
  • Description of any defects or unusual behaviour, if any;
  • Craft a character who's behaviour you can follow; logical action/tactics might not always be your character's typical response.


1. I think that "prefabricated" needs defined. ie: Characters made using the character builder are or are not "prefabricated"?
2. Making a level 11 character is a lot of work. I'd need a pretty good reason to do more than make a rough outline of my character at 11.
3. I'm all for getting in to a character, but I feel like we are far too likely to get killed to be putting that much effort in. I really just think that this is going to take too much effort.
4. I really have no issue with this part. It's a bit cliche, but we've never done anything before.

In general, this feels too much like a homework assignment rather than something I would do for fun. I feel like if I'm going to put that much work in to something, I'd rather be paid for it…. Okay, in all seriousness, if I'm going to be building a castle, I'd prefer not to build it on sand. I kind of think the requirements are a bit strict, but I think that's why you are asking for our comments.

1. Not sure what "prefabrication" means, please be specific. If that means we can't use the Character Builder well then I'm not taking part in this cause creating a character with the books takes WAY To much time and I always mess it up. As far as creating a character we want in high level, well here is my problem with that, I don't know until I play him.
2. Easy IF we can use the character builder.
3. I usually quickly develop story for my character, the issue is I need to play a session or 2 with him so I can really figure out what I want him to be like. I can make a general out line of him but I need to play him a few times before I can tell you exactly how he will act \ react to things.
4. Not a Fan of companies. I have NEVER made a character who has any interest in being a professional adventurer. My characters always have professions (ie Priest, assassin, teacher, student ect…) and is drawn into the adventure due to something effecting his professions OR his home. An adventure company is not interesting to me at all.

Wrap up: Here is the deal, 1 thing that I noticed that needs to be set forth before we even drop the first die or say the first bit of story. RULES. The players handbooks, DMG, Monster Manuel ect… were written for a reason. As a DM and player you have the right to challenge a rule you don't like because that is the beauty of this game HOWEVER, these rules need challenged before the first second of the campaign begins, and all players MUST agree to the rule. Once the first part of story is told and the dice hit the table, rules CAN'T be altered, changed or debated. Do it before or hold your peace. For me the most angering thing I hear as a player is "I don't like this rule, I'm going to change it" or "I'm going to do this my way." Things are written for this game for a reason, players and DMs must follow them. Do it by the book, or establish changes BEFORE we begin session #1 of the campaign.

Things that need discussed\agreed on BEFORE we start things:
1. Any rule changes from ANY of the books put out by Wizards of the Coast both from Player and DM
2. Any changes to monsters that aren't in the Monster Manuel (remember encounters are not here to kick the players asses but to provide a FUN Challenge…this is not chess, there is not 2 people playing each other DM vs Players..NO… the ultimate reason for playing this game is the Player…Think like a game designer like Blizzard…they are not out to just kill players and make things impossible to beat just to pick on players…They build their world for FUN for the PLAYERS, not fun for themselves)
3. Anything else Players \ DM has concerns about that needs set straight

Once things are discussed we move on and these things ARE non negotiable unless we again sit down and discuss them. Rules, regulations, things written in Wizard's Books, Characters AND Campaign must remain consistent. It is annoying mid flow that people change characters without killing their previous, DMs changing the campaign on the fly cause he is tired of it and wants it to end or wants it to change cause he is not happy with the players paths chosen ect…

I have never talked in depth as a player, but these are just some things that put a damper on my want to play. So ALL people who DM\play may look upon this and think. In my mind the game revolves around the player, not the DM. The DM paints the story but the players are the one who turns the pages and dictates what happens next. If a DM gets pissy because THEIR created story is being ruined by the players because they want to go North and pick flowers rather than head south and save a major story line town, it is the DM's job to adjust and move on.

I have stood on my soap box long enough.

Vyndorin July 21, 2009

Yay for responses! :-) After brief consideration, an adventuring company isn't necessary, so I've dropped that. Also, if two or more of you should wish to craft characters that know each other or complement, I think that's a great idea…it will make it more interesting for me to find ways to challenge the group.

The reason I ask for a level 11 character build is that you'll start the adventure with a level 5 character and after a few encounters there will be a reason that your character is now at level 11. For the 11 character, I just want to have an idea of how you are crafting your character so that I can be working ahead to prepare encounters that will be engaging and challenging, but not overwhelming for your characters. So, you're not locked in to your "level 11" build, but I'd just like a quick draft off the character builder to see what the character may be like. Also, your character's backstory/personality/ego, etc., doesn't have to be crafted right off the bat. I'd simply like you all to have a character who has character. I personally think that will enhance the experience as I will try, in future encounters, to enhance the story with your character backgrounds. If having a character background truly doesn't appeal to you, then I don't mind if you don't have one.

As I've read D&D articles and listened to podcasts, one clear fact has come home to me…"the DM is there to move the adventure along, not to kill the characters". I totally agree with that and as I've heard different DMs through the podcasts, it struck me that I really like the DMs who were playing for the players through the whole adventure…it sounds more fun. Sadly though, I don't yet know all the rules as well as I should, so as DM I will be striving to have encounters prepared that are challenging, yet winnable, and have a better grasp of all the rules to have a minimum amount of downtime because the DM didn't realize that you as a player can do certain things. Also, my goal is to be prepared enough and familiar enough with the story/setting/path that I can say "yes" to you as players when you want to try different things. (I really want to succeed at that point; especially since I thought the dragonborn wrestling moves were awesome!)

Let me know if there's any other points or issues that you have or would like addressed; also, I do agree with Tim about setting out the rules prior to the game start…but, as far as I know, we'll be using the rules proscribed in the 4th edition. I do like rules…I just have to learn them…

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