Numengard, the Imperial Prison Complex
Ruler: General Thoaver Crutumaul
Garrison: 5,000 (Almaren); 2,500 (Morduruk)
Prisoners: 18,000
Population breakdown:
Garrison: Humans (52%), Dwarf (35%), Dragonborn/Goliath (12%), Other (1%);
Prisoners: Human (74%), Halflings/Gnomes (9%), Tieflings (7%), Eladrin/Elf (4%), Dwarf (3%), Dragonborn/Goliath (3%)

Background/History: As the nation of Almaren grew, it became necessary to construct a facility to house the more dangerous prisoners of the nation in order to preserve the safety of the populace. The complex of Numengard was constructed in a deep valley located northeast of Exmoor and west of Berylingard. With the stone working and metallurgical skills of the dwarves, Numengard was constructed to be unbreakable. The prison is heavily defended by garrisons from Almaren and Morduruk. The majority of the inmates are from Almaren, as the dwarves have their own prisons situated deep in the bowels of the earth.

The complex was recently placed under the command of General Thoaver Crutumaul, a brutal commander who has tightened security significantly.

Current Events:

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