Session Report 01-16-10



We failed at talking, foiled a trap, and felled a paladin (nearly Theo).





  • Captain of the Guard guy


  • Tower in the Shadowfell


  • Convinced "Captain of the Guard" guy to join us in our fight against Murkelmor and his new army of evil.


  • Combat encounters are changed to better incorporate teamwork. The entire party will take their turns in any order, and all at once.
  • Bone pile trap room
  • Ghost Kieran


  • Four vials of Alchemist's Fire (Lvl. 11)
  • Four Potions of Healing
  • Bones of the smooshed Paladin (Brennan)


  • None that I can recall.


- We started off in the entrance to some room that we had apparently been standing in for months. As we approached the iron doors at the far corner of the room, a three-skulled-robed-skeleton came bursting through, heads spinning wildly.
- Theo and Zan initiated conversation. This was pretty confusing with each head speaking in turn. One head got very excited when we showed it the "M" crest that we have.
- Inevitably though, we were asked to leave. Per usual refused and combat began. Immediately before though, the robed creature left the room, attempting to char a tattered paper on the wall near the door we entered. Both doors slammed shut and we were locked in.
- There were various bone piles around the room that began spewing skeletons, as well as three runes on the floor. Khordiss quickly grabbed the paper on the wall and put the flames out.
- Khordiss attempted to read the paper, but failed miserably as he couldn't manage to determine which direction to read from. He passed the paper to Zan who also had trouble reading it, but only because the writing was terrible.
- Written on the paper was the way to disable the trap that we had apparently gotten ourselves into.
- After a few rounds of failure (it was a very long few months in that hallway), we managed to turn the fight around and get themselves out of the trap (with some amazing fake praying to "Borkus" by Bree, and some sweet emo action from Khordiss).
- In the next room we found a shadar'kai warlord/captain guy shouting orders to his army that was apparently downstairs. Zan had to keep Theo and Kieran from pummeling the captain, but before we finished arguing about what to do, the captain was done giving orders.
- A quick introduction and a small skill challenge later, we had convinced him to join us in our fight against the "M" guy and the other beard-spikes.
- Actually, the skill challenge was pretty sweet. Khordiss and Theo, having nothing better to offer, began flexing and making a ridiculous show of their physical aptitude (read "ineptitude"). Bree, Zan, and Kieran made legitimate arguments for routing the beard-spikes (and other shadowfell nasties) and winning the keep back for the shadar'kai.
- It turns out "M" has split his power into multiple shards and is (inexplicably) invincible while the shards are divided. Each of his generals (the biggest of the shadowfell nasties) has a shard and it is up to us to take them back.
- The first target is out in the middle of the courtyard - a werewolf of some sort. Fighting in the middle of the courtyard wasn't a great idea, however. Khordiss suggested climbing to the tower and throwing rocks down at the courtyard. Inexplicably, this sounded like a great idea, except we had no way of getting to one of the surrounding towers.
- Before the party could fully decide on a plan of action, Kieran was possessed by a ghost. Kieran bolted down the stairs toward some switch on the wall. "Down the stairs" looked a lot like a prison with three doors. One of the people in the prison cells began screaming wildly to stop Kieran. Which we promptly did.
- It turned out that the two people in the cells were Mez and Paladin. Mez is a Shadar'kai prince or something and Paladin is the party's only ticket home. Apparently they were both locked up.
- The ghost made a second appearance and seemed to indicate that we could have one of the two prisoners. Theo spoke up and offered himself in order to set both free.
- Theo is an idiot. Khordiss was upset, and so was the rest of the party, but Theo was already in the cell. The ghost indicated that we could now have TWO people, and that we could flip the switch on the wall to determine who would stay. Also, we were free to switch at any time in the future. Maybe the ghost isn't so bad after all.
- After some (lots of) deliberation, the party decided that the paladin would stay and that we could come back for him later. We flipped the switch and as soon as the gates came up, Mez ran out of the cell as fast as possible. Theo moved out as well, and after a few seconds of whirring and clicking, the floors of each cell slammed against the ceiling. The Paladin was smooshed.
- At this moment, many things happened. Khordiss immediately began yelling at Theo about nearly getting himself killed, and Zan turned on Mez to berate him for not explaining the trap (this is Mez's tower after all). Theo attempted to stick up for Mez and an argument breaks out between Theo and Zan.
- Zan threatened to leave the party and demanded that Khordiss resurrect the paladin as soon as possible. After a moment of thought, Zan decided to stay with the party at least until they are free from the shadowfell.

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