6.5.2009 session report


The party follows the Murkelmor map to the Rigid Rooster tavern. Conversations are had. Information is gleaned. Bad jerky is purchased and eaten. Wild glowing animals break into the tavern and are dispatched. Some commoners are healed, other commoners die, and the party heads off for Appleton's lumber camp.


T1A2 - Druids Gone Wild


  • Terry - DM
  • Vyn - Kieran
  • Ann - Bree
  • Dave - Thoradin Beerntits the Demon-driven
  • Tim - Melech
  • Steven - Khordiss


  • Old Marley - fat, bald, mustachioed bartender, Rigid Rooster
  • Appleton - foreman of the lumber camp


  • The Rigid Rooster tavern/Hard Cock cafe

Non-combat encounters

  • discussion with bar patrons at Rigid Rooster

Combat encounters

  • cave bear/glowy snake/wolves at the tavern


  • nasty salty jerky (Khordiss)
  • stale ass bread (Khordiss)
  • dead snake boa (Khordiss)
  • bear claw (Melech)

XP Awarded

  • 300 XP per player (all players should now have 5800 total XP)
  • everyone should now be level 5

Memorable moments

  • Khordiss successfully leaped onto a table, to a second table, and clobbered the shit out of a snake during the tavern encounter
  • Bree decided she was done getting hit by a snake, and knocked two legs off a table to turn it into a quickie barricade
  • Khordiss suggested the the dead bar patrons be used as a new source of jerky after receiving poor quality meat earlier in the day

How it went down

Recapping the events of last week, the party had found a note upon defeating Murkelmor that indicated we should go south. As we resumed this week, we were several days into our journey to the Rigid Rooster tavern/Hard Cock cafe ("Home of the most overcooked drumsticks in the land"). Khordiss made an executive decision for the party and decided that they would be stopping in to check things out. True to form though, it wasn't a decision born of lust for adventure or curiousity —- Khordiss, of course, was hungry.

The Rigid Rooster is a southern watchpoint and part of a lumber production community for Harkenwold. The tavern has a few bored patrons, with a mustachioed bartender. Melech indulges his drinking habit a bit and bonds with the bartender. A half naked man and a very, very hard drinking dwarf are sitting at one table, while another group mutters something about "those damn druids." Beerntits chimes in and talks shit about druids with them. As Kieran and Beerntits carry on with the patrons and bartender, someone mentions that Appleton at the lumber camp is upset with the druids as well. The druids are apparently located off to the north-east, while Appleton is down the road to the south.

The party decides to go meet 'n' greet with Appleton to get some additional info on Appleton, and see if they can find employment… and perhaps some action. We're advised to stay the night at the tavern as the road can be a little dangerous. We settle in for the night, but are rudely awakened in the middle of the night by splintering wood and the yells of confused drunks. The bartender calmly meets us at the top of the stairs and asks us to undertake a quest for him. It seems a bear has broken into the tavern, and he would like us to go talk to it and negotiate a peaceful solution to the problem.

Seriously now, it's a fucking bear! The barkeep wasn't at the top of the stairs, although a dwarf was apparently heading down them as we gathered up our arms and armor. From the sound of it, he wasn't exactly making a controlled descent. We armed up and rushed down the stairs. A pitched battle ensued. A glowy purple snake joined the bear, and some wolves entered from outside. Zoological chaos ensued. The snakes dropped Khordiss (yet again). Bree knocked the legs out from one side of a table to create a barricade between herself and a snake. The wolves, inexplicably, attacked the bear and snakes. The bear ate some commoners mid-combat (I guess this means we failed, somehow?) This isn't a very coherent description, but it wasn't a very coherent battle. (DM edit: all the creatures had a purple glaze on their eyes, almost like a cataract that's expanded to fir the whole eye. The bear, when it became heavily wounded, began to revert to normal, bear-like behavior, which consisted at that moment of wondering why in the flying fuck it was in a tavern. It smashed a snake out of it's way while trying to get out, then the wolves, still purple-eyed, moved to block it. Bear proceeded to flip-the-fuck out hardcore, then Melech hit it, and it was back into purple-eyed angry mode.)

Remember when I mentioned that the bear killed some commoners? The count was looking to be around 5 or so during the combat, but the party managed some amazing triage work at the end and saved three of them. Marley launched into a small rant that the druids must be stopped. He was deeply saddened and responded poorly to Khordiss's honest suggestion that he utilize some of the less fortunate patrons as a source of jerky. He was kind enough to overlook the rampant property damage, and invited the party to stay the night. We took him up on the offer.

The party set out at dawn to find Appleton. There was disagreement initially regarding whether Melech and Khordiss would be accompanying the rest of the party this day, but they eventually relented in order to avoid playing medic for more random villagers and fighting off bear incursions. The session closed with the party heading down the road toward Appleton's camp with Bree, Beerntits, and Kieran proudly leading the way, and Melech and Khordiss tagging along a few yards back, muttering amongst themselves.

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