6.12.2009 session report


The second session for Vyn's campaign. We get evicted from our temporary base of operations, find a shrine, kill some changlings, burn a shrine, kill some wolves, and obligate a warlock to have dragonborn babies. Adventure!


V1A1 - Dragonborn Are Extremely Distracting



  • Auldwyn, farmer


  • Auldwyn's farm
  • ruined shrine

Non-combat encounters

  • Discussion with Auldwyn about the cultists

Combat encounters

  • party of changlings, pretending to be Jarun
  • pack of wolves


  • black pearl, approx val 500 GP
  • 50 GP
  • 3 rough silver talismans, with a now empty gem setting

XP Awarded

  • 280 XP per player (changlings)
  • 250 XP per player (wolves)

Memorable moments

  • "Forest Gump had an ass wound."
  • Melech, during the wolf fight, was knocked unconcious. After getting a quick heal from Khordiss, Melech stood up, lit a hellacious fireball all around him, and laid right back down.

How it went down

As we begin this session, we find ourselves waking up in the farmhouse of a slightly irate Auldwyn. It takes us a few moments to recall exactly why he's in such a mood, and we flash back briefly to the tent city, killing the bandits, our subsequent quest to find the missing paladin Jarun, our travels to find the source of the cultists, and, oh, yes, that's it —- the bugbears who busted down Auldwyn's door last night to ambush us.

Curiously, the dragonborn sorcerer has gone missing in the time between our bedding down for the night and, well, now. Perhaps he caught the stink eye from Auldwyn last night and decided to evacuate the premises early.

No matter, we'll find him again —- this party's like a bad penny, no matter where you go, no matter how hard you try to lose us, we'll find you.

So, right, Auldwyn is pissed about the sanctity of his home being breached, and he's fairly certain that it's the direct result of our presence, and I'm fairly certain he's right. He takes us down to a hidden room and reveals that this farmhouse is loaded to the balls with smuggled weapons, and if I understand him correctly, this smuggling operation had previously bought him a free pass from the cultists and their thugs. We seem to have screwed that deal up for him, and after a quick talk with his hot daughter, we're able to procure a map with directions toward the Banites base of operations. There are a couple holy sites indicated on this map as well, and they might prove to be the key we need in order to locate Jarun and pick up our reward.

Melech, out of the blue, starts talking about some kind of highly recognizable facial scar that we can use to identify Jarun. Dude gives me the creeps sometimes.

With Melech's crazy back under control, we start off to the first holy site indicated on the map. The cultists can wait for a bit —- Jarun is worth some serious coin, or at least he'd better be. With money potentially on the line, we arrive at the shrine in record time. The condition of this thing is deplorable, but we're in luck: There's a dishevelled blonde paladin decked out in Pelor gear. Even better, he has a wicked scar on his face, and Melech seems to recognize him. Sure, it seems a little easy, but we're not in the mood to complain.

We approach the homeless-looking bastard and Theodorus tries to strike up a conversation. Two things now become abundantly clear. First, this is not Jarun, but a changling. Second, changlings *really* hate conversations. The now obviously fake Jarun lunges at us with a sword, with two friends appearing from behind the rubble. Not-Jarun lands a few early blows, but we're fairly dominant in this encounter and put the changlings down without too much fuss. As the changlings expire, the red gem inlays in their necklaces evaporate into a fine mist. Searching the area we uncover a handful of gold pieces, a black pearl, and a trio of poorly made silver necklaces with obvious gaps where the gems once laid. The loot situation heightens our concern for finding Jarun, because we're not gonna make bank looting these cheap asses.

The immediate danger taken care, the party moves on to more important things like deciding how to dispose of the corpses. Most of the party is fine with leaving them as they are, but Melech will have none of it. They haven't been desecrated properly, or they weren't worthy foes, or some other warlock bullshit. Melech insists that the party remove their heads (the heads of the changlings, not the party itself —- these kind of things need to be spelled out when Melech is involved.) Melech immediately nominates Theodorus for the job, but Teo is hesitant. Khordiss cheerfully reminds Teo that, should the changlings somehow be playing dead, they would be unable to effect useful disguises in the future with their craniums missing. Theodorus does the deed, and Melech directs that the heads and breastplates be displayed in the remains of the shrine. Maj, for one reason or another, sends his angelic companion into the temple to incinerate the remains.

We start off down the trail once again, our path cheerfully lit by the burning shrine at our backs. It's kind of like riding off into the sunset, but with the added taste of sacrilege. When we finally run out of both sun- and fire-light (shrines burning much, much longer and brighter than you'd imagine), we settle in and make camp.

As morning comes, we find that Maj is gone, and there was much indifference.

The day is mostly consumed with wandering along a path, and life is rather pleasant and uneventful with everybody is generally enjoying themselves. Bree's giddy ass is skipping merrilly along, Melech is mutter to himself about something or other, Theodorus is slaying random wildlife, and Khordiss is contemplating new and delicious creatures to eat. As we head into a rather dark wood, we stumple upon a group of fluffly puppies just begging to be played with. Of course, by fully puppies, I mean snarling wolves, and by wanting to play, I mean they clearly intend to eat at least one member of this party, and preferably the whole damn group.

The battle was very long, and pretty touch-and-go. Melech was knocked out. We picked him up, he lit three more wolves on fire, and was immediately knocked back down. We pick him up a second time, he kills a couple more things, and then lays down again. With only one or two wolves remainining, Melech stands himself back up and takes a few more swings. Melech absolutely loves this sort of back-and-forth combat, and when the fighting is over, he declares them worthy opponents and yanks out one of their teeth. He's slowly but surely building a collection of animal bits. Maybe he's making a golem. A zoo golem.

As we close out, Melech approaches the two dragonborn and wishes to share his gratitude, which sounds a little sketchy. He seems sincere enough though, and wants to shake hands. Khordiss and Theodorus are both appreciative of Melech's praise and gratitude, but aren't in favor the whole handshake idea. Melech refuses to take no for an answer and with no dragonborn hands being presented, opts to shake their tails instead. Per dragonborn tradition, this obligates him to bear their children. Suffice it to say, things could get a bit complicated in the weeks to come.

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