6.19.2009 session report


The third session of V1A1. We arrive at the citadel, do a little trading, get some new travel assignments, struggle through rock slides, rescue a burning village, and head for the Pillars of Night. Fun times and considerable absurdity abounds!


V1A1 - Dragonborn Are Extremely Distracting



  • Amisha, cleric of Pelor, Light of the Sun order
  • Glasur, dwarven captain of the Black Drake
  • Yrma, mayor of the burning city


  • Adakmi citadel
  • the boatdock
  • the burned city
  • the Pillars of Light

Non-combat encounters

  • discussion and trading in the Adakmi citadel
  • travel to the boat dock
  • discussion with Yrma, mayor of the burning city

Combat encounters

  • dragonborn at the burned city
  • tiefling rogue while camping


  • Diadem of Acuity
  • cloak
  • leather armor
  • 2 poisoned short swords
  • cult tunic
  • Boots of Striding
  • Nurash talisman
  • tiefling horn (Melech)

XP Awarded

  • 194 XP per player (dragonborn)
  • 166 XP per player (tiefling)

Memorable moments

  • People ask just how bad Khordiss's ADD really is. Consider this: he didn't realize he was killing his fellow white dragonborn until he was in mid-swing against the last of the three. Yes, he killed two of his own kin before it dawned on him what he was doing. Don't worry though — like all good dragonborn, he quickly blamed the deaths on someone else. Like, say, Theo.
  • Canthes was able to make a tiefling rogue stop teleporting away from us for a round just by yelling at it. I wonder if he could perform a similar trick on treasure chests. It would save us a fortune in rogue resurrections.

How it went down

We begin the session already in transit, arriving outside of a citadel. Dead bodies adorned with symbols of Bane litter the ground outside, which is always a good sign. Picking our way around the mess, we head into the citadel and seek out somebody who can point us toward our next goal. Apparently, our princess is in another castle, and we need to head further up the river to reach the Pillars of Light. It's about this time that it occurs to the group that Melech, our lovable and thoroughly frightening warlock, has gone missing. On one hand, not having him muttering to himself all day is nice. On the other hand, we're now at a very real risk of being ambushed by a wildlife golem. Not wanting to wait around and let him zero in our location if he is indeed developing patchwork horrors somewhere in the surrounding forests, we pack our bags and get ready to head out. One little problem though: there are no direct roads from here to the Pillars of Light.

Evidently, we need to hire a boat to take us upriver, except for the little fact that this city doesn't have a boat dock. We ask around a little bit and find out that a dwarf (I know, I know, of all the races to be running a marine passenger service, it's a dwarf — this area is just plain weird) named Glasur has a little dock just to the north. Up a cliff. I hate this place so very, very much.

Armed with our new waypoints and knowledge that we'll be doing a little rock climbing today, we take one last opportunity to sell off some detritus we'd been accumulating and pick up a few extra healing potions for when one of our healers inevitably knocks himself unconscious, then set off in search of certain doom.

We scrape ourselves up a little climbing the cliff, but the injuries aren't anything we we can't heal up during the next phase of our journey. We reach Glasur and his vessel, the Black Drake and end up forking out 20 gold for privilege to ride on a boat, piloted by a dwarf, located upriver from a cliff. I thought most people got paid to put their life at risk — we've decided to do the exact opposite. As a small consolation, we're able to take on a bunch of volunteer cannon fodder travelling companions: two half-elves and a genassi. The rest of the crew are either citizens from the citadel or refugees from the destroyed villages to the north.

The journey upriver takes roughly two absurdly long days of unacceptably bad dwarf jokes and even worse dwarven cooking. Around the latter half of the second day, we're treated to the sight of thick black smoke rolling over the treetops: must be the villages we were sent up here to assist. It's around the same time that we notice a body or two in the water, but the party doesn't think much of it —- we're adventurers, damn it, we see dead bodies all the time. By Kord's balls, we make dead bodies on a daily basis. However, the sight we saw rolling into the port of Sign-Too-Charred-To-Read was a little more than even we were used to seeing. The water in the tiny harbor was full of bodies, thick enough to use as stepping stones. Glasur pulls us in close to the shore, and we disembark.

It doesn't take long on land for us to realize that a party of white dragonborn in gleaming chainmail adorned with symbols of Bane are hard at work finishing off the remaining villagers. Khordiss and Theodorus yell a hearty hello to their kin, pumping their weapons Sasha and Tentreaver in salute. The cheerful greeting of the party's resident dragonborn is not returned by their counterparts however, and the Banites leap to the attack. Khordiss and Theo take great offense to this behavior, and spend the remainder of the battle shouting peculiarly offensive epithets at their opponents. The party makes relatively short work of their opponents, although Khordiss apparently failed to realize he was fighting whites until he had already helped kill two of them. Khordiss was, to the surprise of his companions, actually saddened by the results of the battle, and refused to speak for some time afterward.

After the battle the party met with the village leader, Yrma, who encouraged us to help clean up the surrounding areas, which we took to mean it was perfectly fine if we looted corpses. Tragically, there weren't a whole lot of things to take, although we did keep some of the Banite equipment for possible future use. Yrma informs us, after some prodding, that two strangers had passed by several months ago and insisted that the cult would die out quickly, which recent events have kind of proven false. Maj is able to get a little more information out of Yrma and discovers that those strangers were heading for the Pillars of Light, looking for someone or something called Larkazh. At this point, Zan'kyri, Argyle, and Elsa decide to stay with the city and help with the immediate rebuilding and cleanup. Good news, though. Through means unknown to the rest of the party, and probably best left unspoken, Melech has arrived and will be accompanying us once more. As if the stench of humanoid corpses wasn't bad enough, now we have captain creepy and his sack of animal bits back in the fold. Goody!

The rest of the party headed back to the boat, and after quick rest and some restocking of the larders, we headed once again up the river. About halfway to the Pillars of Light, Glasur pulls the boat to shore to set up camp, where we are promptly ambushed by, well, nothing we can correctly identify. Whatever it was, it spent a lot of time being invisible and teleporting from place to place. We spent an incredible amount of time chasing shadows, trying to pin the thing down, when Canthes decided that he was going to quick fighting for a moment and just yelled for the bastard to show himself and fight like a man. We discovered two things at that moment. One, we were fighting a tiefling, and two, tieflings can do some really dumb things if you just ask nicely. The ball in our court, we absolutely unloaded on the guy, with Canthes and Khordiss in particular leaping repeatedly from boat to shore and back again in order to keep the horned mosquito at blade's length. Thanks to Canthes's challenge and the tiefling's apparent gullibility, the tiefling goes down and we're finally able to settle in for the night, but not before Melech informs us that the tiefling was one of Jarun's companions and lopped off another souvenir for his bag.

We set camp once again in order to prepare for the next part of our journey, though there is a growing concern the fight ahead of us may be even bigger than we'd expected, what with all of Jarun's party seemingly going mad. No matter. We're in too deep to turn back now.

Inventory Recap


  • 150 gold on hand
  • 3 rough silver talismans
  • black pearl (500 gp)

Sold at citadel

  • 3 rough silver talismans
  • black pearl
  • NEW TOTAL 665

Bought at citadel

  • 3 healing potions @ 175
  • NEW TOTAL 490

Boat cost

  • stackass of tickets @20
  • NEW TOTAL 470
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