6.26.2009 session report



V1A1 - Dragonborn Are Extremely Distracting


  • Vyndorin - DM
  • Ann - Bree
  • Terry - Canthes
  • Steven - Khordiss
  • Nic - Theodorus
  • Doug - Thoradin Beerntits the Demon-driven


  • Glasur, captain of the Black Watch


  • Pillars of Light

Non-combat encounters

  • convincing guards outside of the Pillars
  • coaxing information out of random Banites inside (Theo's slave labor)

Combat encounters

  • ambulatory armor
  • various baddies in the secret door behind the mosaic


  • 5 amethysts (100 gp each)

XP Awarded

  • (Vyn, need a little help here)

Memorable moments

  • The dragonborn have formed a tag team, and will now be fighting under the name Dragonforce.
  • During the chasm encounter, Dragonforce grappled a human, threw him into a pit, and delivered an elbow drop to the prone fighter. The fighter stood up and attacked Theo just in time to have Khordiss connect with a double axe-handle from 10 feet up, putting his ass back on the floor. They only killed one foe in the entire encounter, but damn, was it ever an impressive kill.
  • Thoradin attempted to intervene on behalf of Canthes, and prevented an attack by instinctively shoving the skeleton and interrupting the attack. Enraged, Thoradin turned to focus his attack on the newfound foe, unleashing a home-run swing that surely would have disintegrated the skeletons ribcage… had he not just finished shoving it out of range.

How it went down

-we begin yet another session in transit, evidently on the boat
-Theodorus and Khordiss have conspired with Candles (Canthes) to sell dwarf scout cookies at the temple
-change of plans, now we're selling "puppy cookies" from the T1A1 bag of holding
-upon arrival at the temple, the entire place is populated with people painted up in bane symbols
-the dragonborn favor a direct approach — kick the door down and start kicking asses. the others would prefer something a little more subtle
-it occurs to us that despite fighting what seem like scores of Banite cultists, we don't have enough Bane tunics to go around
-glasur chips in some white paint, and we "disguise" ourselves
-khordiss and canthes are able to bluff our way in. totally awesome. khordiss's cookie sales are successful! (khordiss was not actually allowed to speak)
-theo attempts to impress everybody with feats of … hard labor. dude's brilliant for sure. when trying to impress, become a slave.
-war stories about Jarun — some kind of big battle, Jarun sacrificed some people, etc. vyn will need to fill in details
-canthes and thoradin try to impress the banite with tactics and other smoothskin silliness
-khordiss to the rescue! even banites like cookies and tales of the dragonborn homeland
-as we head to the temple entrance, we are rudely interrupted by a doppelganger on horseback — he's yelling something about killing the unbelievers. we are officially the worst secret agents ever.
-we bust ass inside the temple, and thoradin slams the doors shut. there's gonna be a riot outside in short order, i'm sure
-we've evidently worked our way down to the armory, or at least an armory
-in the armory, there are several suits of armor. as we're inspecting them for lootability, there's the sound of metal grinding on stone. sadly, it wasn't theo's clumsy ass knocking something over this time. ambulatory armor fight!
-armor's dead, moving on
-we make our break from the armory, heading off down a hallway
-somewhere within the mess of hallways and so forth, we discover a bunch of amethysts set into the wall. lootin' time
-we manage to pry out five amethysts, although the dwarf takes a little bit of radiant damage — apparently bane had a burglar system
-secret door behind the mosaic holds more enemies, of course
-can't remember what was in here, but the dragons end up involved in an epic melee. while the three useful members of the party go off and kill the real threats, the newly-formed Dragonforce spend the encounter throwing a human fighter into a chasm and leaping onto him. hilarity!
-(probably other stuff, might need some help from the others in attendance here)

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