7.10.2009 session report







*Terry - DM
*Steven - Khordiss
*Nic - Theodorus
*Ann- Bree
*Scott - Maj
*Tim - Melech
*Jeremy - Zan'kyri


*Appleton, foreman of lumber camp
*Redleaf, head of the druids
*Genasi, evil


*Appleton's camp
*Druid camp
*Ravine with genasi/wolves

Non-combat encounters

*Appleton, quest to recover his second in command
*Druid camp, meeting Zan'kyri
*Appleton again, quest to end the animal problem

Combat encounters

*spiked feral wolves
*genasi… and another wolf


*no loot yet

XP Awarded

*change of plans on the XP system —- terry's just going to tell us when we get to level.

Memorable moments

  • scenario

How it went down

-we start out eavesdropping on Appleton, hearing something about a dead human city and some imaginary person named Maj
-with appleton done bsing with buddies, it's time for us to have a little conversation
-appleton thinks the druids are behind the glowy animals, also something about a whitish-purple glow to the south
-theodorus offers to check into the lights for a few gold - appleton just stares back blankly and continues
-appleton offers recompense if we can find his second-in-command
-khordiss inquires if we can be paid, at least in part, in jerky. appleton gives another blank stare
-leader of the henge is a druid named Redleaf -
rumor says he's definitely not a human
-theodorus and appleton end up verbally sniping at each other for a good ten minutes
-talking time over, we move out
-waylaid by big nasty wolves with bone spurs. a battle ensues
-wolves are dead, no losses on our part
-after the battle's over, we found the friend lying on the ground, dead for several days
-khordiss attempted several times to heal him, once with the assistance of theo, but to no avail. we throw him in the bag and head out
-oh, before we got him in the bag? melech poked his eye with a rod
-we've arrived at a druid camp, and an orc druid is tending to a wounded genasi
-wow, the orc *is* redleaf… didn't quite expect that one
-the genasi is named zan'kyri, and may be joining us in our journey
-the druids, contrary to what we've been told, are not hostile - actually, they seem friendly
-long conversations are had -
khordiss was zoned out for the most part… he's focused on preparing a gentle repose ritual for the dead friend of appleton
-redleaf assists the ritual and the corpse is both preserved and partially restored, although he will still require a raise dead spell in order to bring him back the rest of the way
-oh, and melech's rod damage is repaired
-done with the druids, we head back to appleton
-we present the friend, and appleton is sad
-a discussion of the druids ensues, and appleton has a hard time believing they're not evil. they seemed nice enough to us though… hard to call them liars
-new quest from apples —- if we can find and stop the source of the animal problems, we'll get the keys to his brother's shop. basically, we can get a free weapon or implement. hells yes, let's do this thing
-somebody mentioned purple crystals, and the genasi had a flashback. suddenly, he has a weird flashback, and he's pointing out a spot on the map that we really, really need to get to. works for us, any lead's a good lead. let's go

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