7.17.2009 session report








  • bridge, river south of Appleton's camp

Non-combat encounters

Combat encounters

  • Banditos
  • Death squad of Bane… this is NOT good


  • 2 silver necklaces w/ ankhs (+1 to all non-AC defenses)
  • 350 gp
  • big toe (Melech)
  • +2 holy healer's morningstar
  • 600 gold worth of plunder
  • +2 bloodclaw longsword

XP Awarded

*change of plans on the XP system —- terry's just going to tell us when we get to level.

Memorable moments

  • "They had a spotter? Man, we really need to invest in one of those."

How it went down

-started at appleton's camp, left maj and theodorus, brought in appleton's lady friend, Elsa
-heading out for the Dead City, but need to cross a bridge to get there
-we meet a few banditos at the bridge, they want money, we don't have it, they want our armor, we won't give it, game on
-we just squeak by the bandits, with several members being knocked out, like, say Khordiss
-Melech steals body parts, we find some nice necklaces, a little gold, and a pretty new morningstar for Khordiss
-after another day or so adventuing, we reach the Dead City
-this place is huge and was clearly once pretty, but in a state of severe decay
-as we're wandering about the ruined city taking in the sights, we stumble upon a group of hobgoblins, and suddenly hear bells ringing… evidently, they had a spotter on top of the castle. whoops?
-so, uh, this group… apparently, they're a Death Squad of Bane &trademark *also carry the mark of The Red Hand of Doom
-apparently, these cats have a ring that belonged to the mayor of trestlebridge. zan'kyri seems to recognize the ring
-oh, and the death squad? they totally want to have a one-on-one combat. not to the death though, or so they say
-guess who volunteers to do the battle? if you guessed melech, you're RIGHT0
-we've followed some steps into the underground… i guess we're following the genasi
-hey, look, moar baddies. big, smelly gnolls. khordiss does NOT like these puppies
-khordiss is using the new weapon, and needs to name it… as his first hit was a gnoll, we now have *drumroll* Puppysmasher!

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