7.24.2009 session report








  • Zan'kyri's cavern
  • The dead city

Non-combat encounters

  • Gnoll bandits

Combat encounters


  • -100 gp, bought 4 healing potions at the druid camp
  • +2 dwarven bloodiron plate (Theodorus)

XP Awarded

*change of plans on the XP system —- terry's just going to tell us when we get to level.

  • everybody leveled to six at the end of the session

Memorable moments

  • "Khordiss, look. I'm a dwarf now." Theodorus, dancing after receiving his new armor.
  • During the big skeleton combat, Maj scooted a barely concious Khordiss a good twenty feet across the ground. The scene look a lot like killing someone who just went link-dead on an MMO.

How it went down

-Zan is leaving us for a bit — says he needs to head down into the cave and fulfill some kind of spirit quest, or something. apparently, he will be rejoining us once he finishes up his business
-as Zan is heading out, Maj and Theodorus arrive, and the druids apparently want to talk to us again, time to head out
-as we're heading for the town, we encounter some more gnoll banditos guarding a bridge
-the bandits, in a shocking display of antilogic, decide that theordorus is the best man to talk to about how much they should rob us for
-the unthinkable has happened. not only are the bandits not angry, but theodorus isn't angry. he actually successfully negotiated with them
-as we cross the bridge, a second group of gnolls emerges from the trees. glad to managed to work this out
-later, as twilight approaches, we discover a body laying on the opposite bank of the river… it was killed by an animal, that much is clear, although nobody can fgure out exactly what kind. we take the holy symbol and head back to the druids
-the druids are not happy that the animals are now attacking them as well
-redleaf informs us that the fallen ally was Karn, an earth genasi created by direct divine intervention
-evidently, karn was created from a rock lying on the ground at the request of the druids' prayers. karn was extremely strong-headed, and rushed off into the woods
-redleaf believes that karn was on to something — he said something about an magic geode
-redleaf also mentioned something about a druidic staff of great power, and this somehow relates to the dead city, and karn, and the geode, and probably the purple animals as well
-we decide to take advantage of the druid's alchemicist and purchase four healing potions
-after a good night's rest, we head for the dead city once again
-while exploring the city, we happen upon an abandoned armory. there's a lot of rust and even more rubble, but we're going to take a deeper look anyway. surprise

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