7.31.2009 session report








  • The dead city

Non-combat encounters

Combat encounters

  • Bone puppies
  • Dracolich


  • 743 gold
  • 1250 silver
  • 85 platinum
  • fine silver pitcher, for making dragon dinstea
  • fine crafted leather boots of striding (pg 246 PHB)
  • pair of black leather burglar's gloves (pg 247 PHB)
  • cloak of resistance +2, crimson with gold trim
  • leather case, 4 potions of healing
  • druid staff that we were sent here for
  • big beefy wing off the dracolich, for Melech


  • Kieran - Burglar's Gloves
  • Bree - Boots of Striding

XP Awarded

*change of plans on the XP system —- terry's just going to tell us when we get to level.

Memorable moments

How it went down

-as we finished up the armory search, we found Zan and Elsa sitting on a rock waiting for us. not sure where they came from, but we're glad to see them. tragically, Theodorus, Maj, and Melech are still searching the cave, looking for these two
-Zan and Elsa are apparently horrible luck, as we run into a group of skeletons (both humanoid and canine)
-we dispatch the puppies, and khordiss yanks a bone off one of the puppies for melech
-after reaching the keep, we head iinside the rapidly deteriorating ruins
-after a short search, we discover the stairs down to the basement
-we're in a massive circular hall, with four doors leading in to the center
-kieran checks the door, discovers it's unlocked, and leads us in
-in the center of the room, there's a massive pile of coins, covered in a massive pile of bones. in dragon form. and, regrettably, not dead. well, i mean dead, but llike… undead
-dragon nearly kills the party, and we manage to scrape past by the skin of our teeth
-so we loot the massive pile of goodies that the dragon was camping on, gather up the staff, and start booking it for the druid camp once we gather up the others

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