8.07.2009 session report








Non-combat encounters

Combat encounters


XP Awarded

*change of plans on the XP system — terry's just going to tell us when we get to level.

Memorable moments

How it went down

-the trip back to the druid encampment is largely filled with Zan filling in Melech and Theo on the fight with the Dracolich and a bunch of explanation on what's been causing the purple plague
-when we arrive back at the druid's camp, we find most of the druids slaughtered, with only redleaf lying in the middle clinging to life
-khordiss acts quickly to stabilize the druidic leader, and the others inform him that we've recovered the staff
-redleaf doesn't believe he is strong enough to accompany us and believes that his wounds are beyond treatment — he wishes to be imbued into a taliisman to accompany us to the final battle in the only way he believes he is able
-khordiss and theodorus disagree with his assessment, and lead the party in an intricate cure, applying salves, ancient dragonborn herbal remedies, and generallly using the other members of the party os couriers to retrieve ingredients that are needed
-redleaf takes to the cure wonderfully, and returns to health, promising to come with us to kill the damned zorn
-as we prepare to leave the encampment, we are beset by shambling mounds
-big fight, mounds are dead, moving on

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