8.14.2009 session report



The big encounter with Karn and the aftermath thereof.







-karn's awful crystal lair
-appleton's camp

Non-combat encounters

-appleton and redleaf's discussion

Combat encounters

-Team Rockhair: Karn and Zan'kyrii


-appleton's signet

XP Awarded

*change of plans on the XP system; terry's just going to tell us when we get to level.

Memorable moments

How it went down

  • apparently at the end of the last session, we dropped down into a chasm to fight Karn (you know, the rock guy. earth genasi, i think)
  • redleaf in two, we drop down. karn is standing, waiting for us. his dog is nowhere to be found
  • DAMN. zan'kyri has betrayed us. in like five seconds, no less. karn says join me, zan says sure, and suddenly we have a big freakiin' problem
  • karn's got a little talking to do, and starts yelling at khordiss for, apparently, seeking the betrayer or something
  • after a frustrating exhange for both sides, wherein khordiss asserted he doesn't know WHO he's following, and that he seeks only tasty meats, karn begins yelling at melech
  • the battle opens with khordiss splitting the sky on zan's face but missing; as zan starts to laugh, khordiss snarls angrily and catches him with a wicked backswing, knocking him several feet away onto his back
  • zan stands up and retaliates with a nasty lightning strike against khordiss
  • melech blinds zan with a vicious eyebit
  • bree places a vampiric embrace on zan, draining his life force
  • maj shouts a warning to khordiss to warn of an impending flank, and khordiss promptly leaps away from the fray
  • karn throws crystalline shards at khordiss, melech, and elsa, then rushes at khordiss and elsa
  • khordiss catches karn with puppysmasher mid charge; as karn connects with elsa and khordiss on a swipe, maj plinks him with an arrow
  • khordiss uses the added distraction from maj's arrow to land another blow with puppysmasher
  • kieran trips zan, knocking him prone for the second time this encounter
  • khordiss throws a heal on himself and swigs wildly at karn, but in his frenzy misses
  • zan is currently down for the count, although he appears to still be breathing
  • karn taskes a swing at elsa, but maj once again lays out a distraction and prevents the shot from landing
  • melech tried to teleport, but was inexplicably drawn to one of the crystals; something weird is going on here
  • bree launches a magical assault at karn, using a dreadstar force attack; karn is both cursed and held in place, buying us at least one more turn to pull out the victory
  • maj lodges an arrow deep into karn's side
  • crystals begin to glow, and zan appears to breathe a little easier. karn teleports across the room to another crystal and stomps on maj. karn goes into a sort of trance, and the crystals in the room begin glowing
  • redleaf runs to the center of the room to try and place the staff, but is blown back by the glowing crystals. not good
  • khordiss activates his exalted armor and cracks off the bacon, healing everybody
  • zan has taken on a crystalline sheen, and while he's not alive, he appears to be under the thrall of karn
  • elsa unleashes a chaos bolt at karn, and the crystals in the room are beginning to hum
  • melech unleashes firey hell on karn, enveloping him in pale writhing flame
  • bree follows melech's lead, hitting karn with a fire bolt. karn is beginning to chip away just a little
  • karn awakens from his trance, smashing his spear into the ground and causing the crystals in the room to shatter, showering the party with jagged shards. the flames around karn dissipate
  • khordiss throws a quick heal to elsa, then charges at karn, laying him open and siphoning some of karn's life force to close his own wounds (healing strike)
  • elsa trys to hit karn, but the attack goes wide
  • melech, whom karn has proclaimed a "servant of the betrayer", sidesteps and launches an arcing shot at karn, but misses. annoyed, he casts a devastating psychic attack, leaving karn reeling from the blow
  • bree picks shards from her arm, and steps away from the crystals
  • maj tends to kieran's wounds, then catches his second wind
  • karn slaps khordiss with his rocky fist, knocking him prone before teleporting next to redleaf
  • redleaf continues to try to set the staff into its socket but has yet to succeed
  • kieran pummels karn, striking him with a virulent poison and chipping away another bit of the rocky beast
  • khordiss picks shards out of himself and throws a heal to melech
  • the zanlaser blasts khordiss, injuring the prone dragonborn further
  • elsa hits karn with an eldritch ray, inhibiting karn's movement a bit
  • melech follows suit, throwing another eldritch blast into the monster karn
  • maj moves beside khordiss and tends his wounds
  • karn invokes some kind of awful earth genasi magic, teleporting each of the party members to a nearby crystal
  • kieran hauls ass away from the crystals, putting himself into position for the next turn
  • khordiss unleashes his breath weapon on karn, causing mild discomfort
  • elsa moves away from the crystals
  • melech moves away from the crystals
  • bree moves away from the crystals
  • maj moves away from the crystals, and taunts him mercilessly; karn, hypersensitive elemental baby that he is, appears to be physically hurt by this
  • karn unleashes his fury, shattering more crystals… melech and bree are hit, but remain standing
  • redleaf continues to be utterly useless
  • kieran hits karn with a thunder attack of some sort, causing more shards to fall away from karn
  • khordiss rushes the earth genasi, carefully positioning himself between the crystals to avoid the shards that are surely coming. he swings at karn, but missed
  • elsa unleashes a chaos bolt; surely karn can't take much more
  • melech finally decides to remove the shards from his arm, stepping away from the crystals as he does so
  • bree hits another eldritch blast
  • maj tries to assault karn, but misses
  • karn once again teleports the party across the room next to the crystals; khordiss, maj, and redleaf lose their footing and are knocked prone
  • redleaf, AGAIN, does nothing of use
  • kieran hits the flurry of bows
  • khordiss crawls away from the crystals toward the injured monstrosity, standing up and ready himself for yet another charge
  • elsa moves away from the crystals, launching another arcane assault on karn
  • bree fires off another eldritch blast, stepping away from the again-glowing crystals
  • maj steps away from the crystals
  • zan is ambulatory again, and has somehow drawn the party to himself and detonates, turning himself into a zangrenade
  • karn knocks kieran prone and stomps on him
  • hey, look, it's redleaf; he stands up, rushing to the center of the room and jamming the staff into its setting. all of the crystals in the room disentigrate, including the zangrenade
  • khordiss takes a moment to catch his breath, and pulls yet MORE shards out of his arm
  • elsa hits another chaos bolt
  • melech is unconcious and in incapable of doing much of anything
  • bree attacks but misses
  • maj did nothing
  • karn knocked maj prone and stomped him into unconciousness
  • kieran hits karn with yet more of that fancy monkish twirling and … punching
  • khordiss uses his final heal on melech, then moves into position
  • elsa hits the abomination, who appears to finally be on his last legs
  • the newly-revived melech launches a final volley at karn, destorying him
  • karn mutters some kind of ridiculous oath on behalf of his brothers and sisters that we will not succeed in our quest. joke's on him, we don't know what our quest IS yet
  • melech immediately scoops up some of the crystalline dust, storing it in vial
  • khordiss dumps a healing potion down maj's throat, revivng him
  • the chamber starts to rumble, and redleaf yells a warning to the party to evacuate. we don't need to be told twice
  • after a hell of a struggle up a shaking, crumbling wall, we escape the cavern
  • we take a short breather, then head out for appleton's camp
  • appleton, for his part, seems to be surprised to see us back, and even more so with the druid leader in tow
  • khordiss sticks up for redleaf, partially because his anger is better spent on the traitor zan, and partially because redleaf's survival was one of khordiss's finest works
  • bree asks the party is anyone saw karn's dog… we realize that we, in fact, have not, and that there are going to be more bad times down the road for appleton and the druids
  • khordiss recaps the situation for appleton and paints a picture of neutrality and no-fault; the druids didn't mean to cause this much havoc, but appleton too was in the wrong for overharvesting
  • the party as a whole takes the neutral ground, arguing that the original agreement between the druids and appleton should have been honored
  • appleton hands us a token to take to his brother in silverwing hold to exchange for a weapon
  • the party can now start heading south, and melech is more than overjoyed
  • khordiss was earned the achievement [Campaign First: Slowclap!] for his use of the word "accord" while describing the situation to appleton
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