8.21.2009 session report







  • Father Andrews


  • Trestlebridge Cathedral


  • Resurrected Zan'kyri




*change of plans on the XP system — terry's just going to tell us when we get to level.


  • "Sorry about my peepee." - Zan'kryi, after being rezzed
  • "Hello ladies, my peepee is out." - Zan'kyri, after being rezzed


-as we start out today, the party is bound for Trestlebridge, former home of the former Zan'kryi
-as we arrive in Trestlebridge, we make a beeline for the church, where we meet up with a pleasant — hat — fellow named Father Andrews
-father andrews recognizes the name zan'kryi, and immediately agrees to rez the fallen genasi from melech's dust collection
-khordiss asks to help perform the resurrection ritual, and against any judgement whatsoever, father andrews agrees
-the resurrection starts off fine, but as zan starts to reform, something is a little off… he has a snout and a tail
-zan is a crystalline dragonborn, purple with big shiny crystal spikes
-father andrews is BEYOND angry, and forces khordiss out of the room. khordiss argues and tries to stay, but father andrews uses a force mace to push khordiss out
-zan, now a dragonborn half-breed, has once again sworn allegiance to the party, and takes a few minutes to meet up with old contacts in the town
-once zan is equipped and the party is done shopping (no major expenditures —- some jerky, miscellaneous provisions) we head for Silverlane Hold
-while crossing a river, we encounter a flock of stirges. guess what happened to them? come on, guess. yeah, we killed them, but the got a LOT of our blood
-melech takes a stinger off one of the dead stirges
-we arrive in silverlane late in the evening, amid considerable rainfall, and we decide to find an inn for the night
-the next morning is less soaked, but still warm and a little muggy. we head out to find irwin and retreive our reward for killing karn
-armor for everybody (everybody, please write your armor in here at some point)
-so, at some point, we healed somebody named Fortrane; i'm not sure what he was doing, but there was some kind of combat exhibition going on
-evidently, this was a good thing to do; we had a little discussion with one of the town warlords, and got invited to a royal banquet in honor of Fortrane
-bree thieves a bunch of food at the banquest, stuffing tons of food into a bag of holding while munching jerky
-the warlord guy? he invited us down to a wicked sweet treasure room, where he keeps a bunch of pretty items, including the "armor of the betrayer"
-as we're admiring his goodies, the lights dim, a cold wind blows through, and five bald, pale-skinned humanoids pour from a rift in the center of the room

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