9.11.2009 session report


The second session of Vyn's campaign.






  • cave from 9.4 session
  • The Black Orc Tavern


  • debriefing with Ylaren


  • spiders



  • Need DM assistance on this one


  • "NO ONE WAKES UP BALAZAR! EVER!" - Balazar, after being ambushed in his sleep at the tavern


  • we start out in the cave of horrifying pale-skinned chainfighters. Othar and 12 have gone missing, probably to save a small world (rocks, to the rest of us)
  • trudging further down the hall, we encounter a nasty little group of spiders. a battle ensues
  • somewhere during that battle, an earth elemental started throwing rocks at the spiders. apparently, he feels some sort of instanteous bond with our dragondwarf
  • the spiders successfully knock down at our warlock and warlord, but the rest of the party is okay
  • no sooner do we finish up the fight than ylaren shows up. also, the earth elemental has a name: Goron
  • did i mention that Goron ALSO thinks he's a dwarf? what's wrong with this place?
  • our mission complete (a mission i'm still not clear on, by the way), we head back to the Black Orc tavern
  • we receive a short debriefing from Ylaren, then retire for the night
  • the party starts the night off well, with a protracted argument between Balazar and Vorlexian about Balazar's true racial origin. Sarcenn, trying to sleep in the next room over, makes judicious use of his Ghost Sound cantrip to advise the two bickering ninnies to shut up
  • we are rudely awoken partway through the night by goblins. Balazar is fairly enraged at being woken up and swiftly decapitates one goblin, while another is knocked down the adjacent stairwell by an arcance force attack
  • the party crashes down the stairs to find a hobgoblin yelling half-baked threats at the party. as we move to engage, the hobgoblin is silenced by Ylaren's blade
  • Ylaren instructs the party to head to the town center to fend off the approaching goblin raiders - Ylaren will follow once he finishes interrogating the now-incapacitated hobby
  • we arrive at the town center just in time to intercept the first wave of goblin fighters and archers, which we swiftly dispatch
  • after a very short rest, the second wave crashes into us, with a similar loadout and a spellcaster bringing up the middle. once again, they pose little threat to the party
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