10.9.2009 session report


The first encounter for the newly-formed Shadowfell adventuring group. Also, some stuff for the intelligent group. You know, the one that DOESN'T jump through random portals.






  • the Shadowfell


  • The Mez


  • three harpies and a spider



  • Need DM assistance on this one



  • we just made our grand entrance to the shadowfell, which is apparently the plane of…. grayness. seriously. it's very, very gray. the sky is gray, the grass is gray, the trees are gray, birds are falling out of the sky into the… gray. we'd cut ourselves just to see some color, but we're fairly sure that, too, is gray
  • we climb a nearby bluff to get a better view of the area, and discover that the birds we saw weren't so much birds, but harpies
  • so, in keeping with tradition, and to ensure that we never, ever get to enjoy our extraplanar vacations, we're immediately beset by harpies. on a clifftop. there's no way this can go wrong
  • khordiss and theo successfully knock down two of the harpies, but bree is charmed over the edge of the cliff and into a giant spider web
  • khordiss, panicking, leaps over the edge to rescue bree, who is evidently being attacked by a giant spider, who lives in the giant spider web. khordiss notices midfall that his reason for falling, to heal bree, is rendered rather worthless due to bree being completely uninjured. he decides to heal himeslf instead, just before faceplanting on a rather solid web
  • theo, aka lemming number two, leaps over the edge after khordiss but unlike his compatriot, manages to land on the spider's back. with his scimitar. also, this time, the scimitar is pointed the right way
  • a heated battle ensues on the spider web, and one of the harpies manages to escape
  • as we crawl off the web and back onto the cliff, we're met by a shadar-kai with a longbow. he introduces himself as Mez, and says that he has been sent by his mistress to bring us back for an audience. with nothing better to do, we agree
  • Mez has led us to the ugly and poorly constructed… city. not sure what it was called, really. the sign fell off as we walked by
  • our part of the session ends as we enter the chambers of Mez's mistress. that's what she said?
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