11.06.2009 session report


Things are getting progressively crazy in the Wraithcave







  • the Shadowfell





  • Need DM assistance on this one



  • there ain't no rest for the stupid, surges don't grow on trees. we got monsters to slay, we got days to save, but the HP in this world ain't free. but we can't slow down, we can't hold back though you know we wish we could. there ain't no rest for the stupid, till the DM wipes us for good.
  • still not allowed to rest. khordiss is getting so very, very sleepy. dragonborn need sleep too, you know
  • mirage remains with the party, corrin is gone, melech is still missing, for some reason
  • theo and maj have returned! i'm not sure exactly where they came from, but we turned a corner and poof, there they are
  • as we start exploring, we discover what can only be described as a modern art gallery: there's a glowing triforce sigil, a stone statue, a frozen fountain, and an open pit with running water underlying the whole mess
  • khordiss, is of course, injured. in a stroke of lucky, he's merely had his arm dislocated. theo pops it back in
  • theo, brilliant as ever, decides to touch the sigil. with his tongue. all hell breaks loose: mirage is thrown into an alcove, bree and theo are slammed into walls, and khordiss is thrown into a statue which is fine, until the statue animates and throws him into the wall. damage for everybody!
  • the sigil is now orange. that's probably not good.
  • kieran and zan'kyri fished an arm and torso out of the pit and placed it on the fountain. not entirely sure why, but they must have a good reason. dragonborn never do things without a good reason
  • the party discovers a set of weird quantum stairs. we walk down them for a good half hour, and yet are one turn from the top level. we tried throwing a rock down the stairs, and it evidently portaled back to the top and started down again. no idea why this doesn't work for sound or the party members. best not to think about it, i guess
  • somebody found a statue of orcus. more experiments ensue involving the sigil, projectiles, and the stairs. evidently, we think there's some kind of benefit to be had here.
  • bree, queen of the idiots, has the party move to a safe location and shoots the sigil, which we can't see, but bree has informed us is now red.
  • the idiot queen yells something about "giving it one more shot", which is followed shortly by the sound of a massive explosion, and then the sound of impossibly heavy footsteps. the party steps out to see what's going on, and to no one's suprise, there are now golems bearing down on bree
  • the session is ending mid-battle. both golems are still up, no party members are currently down
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