8.14.2010 Session Report


  • The continuing saga of Ylaren's Agents.


V2A2 - Vyn's Campaign - Solusa



  • Head of the trade authority


  • Dunkirk

Non-combat encounters

  • After saving her from a potential assassination attempt during the last session, we take the opportunity to ask the head of the trade authority some questions.

Combat encounters

  • Nothing yet.


First meeting with the head of the trade authority.

  • Astrid got a dagger of some sort, on account of being a servent of the Raven Queen.

XP awarded

  • Nothing yet.

Memorable moments

  • The only slightly memorable moment so far has been Vorlexian trying to talk the head of the trade authority into getting him a new crafted rod for enchanting. How sad is that?

How it went down

  • As our last session ended, we prevented some assassins from killing off the head of the trade authority. We take a few minutes to interview her - she's agreed to do something with us, assuming we do something ourselves.
  • Bogtooth returns to the party, bearing news of some of his brothers in arms. Bad news, really. Bogtooth found the following bodies : Sawtooth (no teeth), Ripclaw (stuffed in box, fully taxidermied), Joe (no body, found women's clothing with a raven symbol under his bed), Bruno Bigaxe (drowned in a vat of elven wine), Varik (poisoned), One-Handed Slim (body missing, found one hand), Annie the Crimper
  • We spend a considerable amount of time going through the warehouse, placing a dead rat into a crate so we can magically track the movements of the crate. We've been very, very careful not to disturb anything more than absolutely necessary, so hopefully our tracks are covered.
  • Inside the warehouse, we stumble upon a cache of books. One in particular seems unusual - almost magical, but lacks any writing.
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