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!!! EDITOR'S NOTE !!! Sorry guys, let the domain lapse for a short bit — picked it back up now, clearly. Also, going to rework the structure of this wiki a bit, I think — don't be super shocked if a bunch of stuff starts getting shuffled around.

Welcome, friends, to the first faltering steps of our attempt to document the sheer awesome that we call our D&D campaign world(s). Our mission: to help each other remember where we are, who we're adventuring with, and why we're covered in blood this week. With a little luck, this wiki will help focus the tiny info packets each of our ADD-riddled asses has picked up into a semi-coherent vision of the world our characters are desperately trying not to die in.

Things I intend to add to this site:

  • Campaign summaries
  • Session reports
  • Character writeups
  • Location writeups
  • Whatever else suits my fancy (or, in theory, yours)

I'd ask for suggestions of things to add here, but seriously, it's a user-generated site. Join up and do it your damn self. And now, some helpful starting points.


  • 8.21.2010 - Steven uploaded the 8.14.2010 session report


Terry's campaign
Vyn's campaign
Beard-John's campaign

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