South of Harkenwold, the hamlet of Trestlebridge is an idyllic little town on the river. Quiet streets wind past well-kept houses and gardens, and the 100 or so people that call the place home work diligently to preserve their town's charm. Recently, though, the town was rocked by news that the beloved mayor had been poisoned. By the quick actions of the resident Zan-kyri, the mayor was saved, but Zan left shortly thereafter. Once a week, the town gathers to the ringing bells of the church of Lathander on the green to trade and talk and generally have a good time. Festivals are common, and though not the largest or richest town, it is perhaps the most content.

Father Andrews: aged priest of Lathander
Mayor Cargill: beloved mayor, and decent swordsman as well.
Fergus: Old man who loves fishing
Remus Appleton: Lumberyard Appleton's brother, and a proficient smith

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