Situated on the southern slopes of the Wyrmwind peaks, Winterhaven is a small thorp that is comprised of stalwart frontiersmen who brave the chill winds and other dangers that sweep down from the snowy peaks. Ruled currently by Lord Pedraig, who was appointed the position by the Lord and Lady of Devonshire, the tiny community was to be the first conquest by Kalarel, a spindly demagogue who sought to unleash the minions of Orcus on the town, converting it into an undead bastion. Instead, Pedraig hired a group of mercenaries (unknowingly including the rightful heir, Melech whose claim to the title is rapidly fading) who stormed into the undergound dungeons of the Keep, battling through Kalarel's forces until only the crazed priest remained. There, Orcus' plans were crushed, and for now, the tiny town is safe.

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