Zan-kyri Adventurer, Misfit

Zan-kyri Adventurer, Misfit:

Day ?

Ugh…I woke up today face-up staring at an orc. Normally I'd freak out, but apparently he was "fixing" me. I'd apparently been on the sour end of a gnarly ass whooping. I didn't remember a thing, or at least nothing recent. Nothing cures amnesia like a good journal…unfortunately mine is gone.

Let's start with the present. Five apparently seasoned adventurers stood around conversing with the druids, and a mangled corpse laying on the ground beside them. When I had completely come-to the party began interrogating me. There's nothing like a game of twenty questions to jog your memory.

As it turns out, the adventurers were in the middle of what appeared to be a turf war between the druids and a nearby lumber camp. The lumber camp had been attacked multiple times in the past few days by local wildlife (stress wild). Fortunately, this was not the work of the druids. The animals had apparently been warped by some purple mist? I don't know, I'm not much for nature. The talk of the purple mist triggered some small flashbacks. I remembered seeing a very thin purple cloud on my way out of the Dead City.

After a small display of my power, the adventurers were willing to take me on as a party member. They wouldn't be my first choice, but they seem to be alright. The dragonborn don't seem to be terribly intelligent (the one called Theo was convinced that his sword had a disease…. So weird) and the male warlock smelled a bit funny with his necklace of rotting body parts (I'll have to remember to ask about that), but the bard and the female seemed to be okay. I probably wouldn't have joined up, but I saw a pretty touching display by the other Dragonborn (Khordis?). He decided that they needed to do a gentle repose ritual on some horribly mangled corpse they had found in the forest. It's a wonder how groups like this are brought together. Then again, I'm in the group as well.

We headed back (for them) to the lumber camp. Apparently the team had found the corpse of an important member of the lumber camp. It is terribly unfortunate about their comrade. As an adventurer, I expect pain and hardship, but for civilians like the lumber camp fellows, it just seems so unfair. The druids had given us a token of peace to take to the lumber camp. It seemed to calm the leader (Appleton maybe?) a bit when he saw it.

It was at this point that the team decided to talk about some crystals they found on the dead guy. More flashbacks: I managed to track what I thought was the source of the purple mist, a giant crater in the ground with those same crystals all around it. I'm still not sure where that was, or how I ended up here, but I'm guessing it's not far based on the condition I was found in.

The smelly warlock seemed pretty intent on finding some religious artifact supposedly hidden in this forest, so we set a course for the location marked on some map. At least I think that's where we were headed. We made our way through the forest and ended up at…a gaping hole in the earth lined with crystals! Also a giant earth genasi and his nasty pet, both of which had mauled me once before. Joy. They demanded that we leave, but before we could even turn around, they started spearing, biting, and clawing us. I attempted to talk in order to leave peacefully, but that wasn't happening. This guy (and his pet) were seriously cracked out on whatever it was that this crater was spewing. Note to self: Learn to manifest Earthsoul. We managed to flee. Thankfully neither of them followed us.

Day ?+1

Well, today was interesting. A disheartening shade of backward.

The party decided that they would assist me in my quest to track down the assassins. That was pretty nice of them. I think the warlock was confused though…he kept mumbling about some religious relic. We made our way from Appleton's camp toward the Dead City with a new party member in tow (a sorceress).

Our trip was relatively uneventful until we came across a group of bandits. I hate bandits. It always puts me in that awkward kill or be killed situation. I tried bargaining again, that turned out poorly. They wanted all our money or all of our weapons. I tried to give up our new party member, claiming she was a prostitute. Oddly enough, the rest of the party chimed in. The bandits thought we were mocking them or something, also the sorceress was really upset at this point.

Fighting broke out. The bandits were frighteningly coordinated. They had casters and archers across the bridge firing at us while the melee fighters prevented us from crossing. Despite their tactical prowess, we managed to take down all but one of the bandits, unfortunately we nearly lost Khordiss. We almost lost Melech as well. It was unfortunate that so many had to die, but Khordiss got a new hammer!

We made our way into the Dead City and stumbled upon a what turned out to be a recently used camp site. So recent, in fact, that it was currently being used. We met up with none other than a Red Hand Death Squad. What a horrible day. Anything that has anything to do with the Red Hand is just bad. I was terrified.

We began our encounter with a small chat. I asked the leader of the group, Corg, if any of them knew anything about an assassination attempt on Mayor Cargill. Turns out the Red Hand isn't into the assassination thing. It's cowardly. I agreed wholeheartedly. I still do. Corg tossed me a ring that he picked up off of some thieves matching the description I gave him. It was indeed Mayor Cargill's signet ring. That reminded me, Cargill's ring and sword, family heirlooms both, were stolen during the assassination attempt. I asked Corg if he knew where the assassins were making their camp. He directed us to one of the far corners of the city and for fun, challenged us to one on one combat. Melech opted in.

It was a pretty tense fight. Melech was able to do some serious damage before finally giving out. I was fairly impressed. So were the Red Hand guys. It still eats at me that one of the most infamous names in evil was far more civil to us than a ragtag band of thieves.

We gathered our things and bid our new non-enemies farewell. We made our way toward the location of pointed out by Corg. There were four gnolls guarding the entrance to the assassin's cellar. Gnolls are extremely aggressive and also work very well in packs. I learned an interesting thing about Dragonborn as well; apparently they name their weapons. Khordiss' new weapon? Puppysmasher! Kind of morbid, but no worse than Melech.

The gnolls were extremely well coordinated. They managed to take me down right after the first of their team went down. Khordiss managed to pick me up off the ground, but I couldn't hold the attention of the gnolls. Coordinated and focused. Thankfully they focused on the toughest of the team (taking both of us down). We managed to take down the last of the gnolls before Khordiss completely expired. With the rest of the team thoroughly exhausted, we decided to crash for the night.


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