Zan-kyri Trestlebridge Savior

Zan-kyri: Trestlebridge Savior

Day One:

Father Andrews came to see me today. My plans for the day have a way of falling apart whenever he comes to visit. Apparently Mayor Cargill has been poisoned by assassins; purple-worm-poison-weilding-assassins. Why is Mayor Cargill the target for an assassination? Why such highly skilled assassins? Bigger fish to fry for a hopefully bigger Zan-kyri. Right now, I'm being commissioned to track down some things. According to Father Andrews, the mayor only has about two days left before the poison takes him. Great. Now there's a time limit. Turns out we need three things: Caskel Berries, Tomb Moss, and Dreamcaps. This translates roughly into "travel to the far-reaches of the country-side." But thats okay, I owe Mayor Cargill pretty big.

First stop, Dreamcaps. Father Andrews mentioned that these can be found in a kobold cave to the north. North? I think those kobold are Thunderscale kobold. We have something in common with the whole thunder thing, me being a Storm Genasi and all. Maybe this operation can be done quickly and peacefully.

I arrived at the cave after just a few hours of walking. I didn't see much in the entryway. I thought I'd try sneaking in and grabbing the dreamcaps without being noticed. No luck, there were trip-wires all over the place. I hate traps. I tried to crawl under one, but my sword caught the wire and set off the trap. *wince!* I was prone and probably about to start hurting significantly. Thankfully it was an arrow trap and it had flown way over my head. That could've been worse, though it could've been better if I hadn't alerted the entire cave in the process.

I slowly made my way to the next room and saw a few kobold all of whom were very upset with me. I tried talking to them, but no luck. They didn't understand a word I said, and they were very very upset. I managed to kill one of them, but the other managed to phone a friend: BigHat. Oh poor BigHat. I dispatched BigHat quite handily, which caused the other two kobolds to flee. Silly kobolds managed to trigger the remaining traps in the cave shortly before biting it. Apparently kobold should hate traps too.

Further into the cave I ran into what appeared to be a blue wyrmling and a robed kobold. Blue means lightning immunity/absorption and that means Zan-kyri needs to run. Inexplicably, and quite foolishly, I stayed and fought. At first it was just the robed kobold. I cornered him and he danced around a stalagmite trying to avoid me, but that was short lived, and so was our fight. I was hoping that when the kobold died, the dragon (who was watching the whole time) would continue ignoring me, or maybe just leave on his (her?) own. No dice. Apparently killing that kobold really upset the dragon. We danced. I nearly died. It was really stupid to try and fight that dragon, really, really stupid. I wasted all of my potions during that fight, and those are fairly expensive. (DM: you forgot about your loot!)

After the fight, I took a few moments to catch my breath before exploring BigHat's room. What do you know? There were dreamcaps in there!

I stopped by Mayor Cargill's to drop off the dreamcap. I didn't see a need to carry them around with me. Kind Father Andrews agreed to replace my lost (wasted?) potions for a discounted 40g each. What a guy! I thanked him heartily and made my way toward the Caskell Berries….

…but not quite! On the way out of town, Bandits! I didn't even see them sneak up. Then again, they are stealthy-types, and I really need glasses. The bandit's leader chose to parley. *whew*…except our conversation went something like this:

Bandit: Oi! 50 gold and we'll leave ye be!

Me: Oh…I don't actually have any money.

Bandit: Ok, give me your sword then!

Me: Hmm…no can do, I really need this sword. I'd be defenseless without it.

Bandit: Fine! Your armor then!

…oh yeah, this is the part where I mention that I *just* got this armor. I borrowed (permanently) it from BigHat….

Me: Well, without armor I'd be naked, and that's just not appropriate.


Me: Pants? What about those? You can have my pants!…crap….

So the bandits proceeded to surround me and try to beat me into submission. They had just surrounded me when I managed to land a blow and kill (I really hate writing that about people) one of his friends. I hate doing it as much as I hate writing it, so I attempted to stop the tom-foolery then and there. I explained that even if they managed to kill me, they were going to lose more friends and that this course of action is only going to lead to heart-ache for those involved, but the bandits would hear none of it; they wanted blood (and gold). When it was just me and the leader, he started running through the woods whipping daggers at me to finish me off. We were both in sorry shape. I had to, it was either me or him. I got into range and yanked him out of the woods…. I really hate killing people.

I crawled my way back to Trestlebridge and closed out the night there. I really wanted to get two of the ingredients today.

Day Two:

I was in quite a rush today, and a lot happened. I made my way out of town very early, I had two stops to make, and Mayor Cargill wasn't getting any healthier.

I made my way east to the river, planning to head south toward a clearing that Father Andrews mentioned might have the Caskell Berries we needed. When I got to the river, I saw a horrifying sight: Old man Fergus was being assaulted by drakes. Redemption for my sins of yesterday! I ran in as fast as I could and started wailing on the drakes. I managed to get the attention of both of them before any serious harm could come to Fergus. I was thankful, and so was he. I didn't manage to kill both drakes, but I got one, and the other was seriously wounded. He (she?) wasn't going to be messing with us, and there's no way I could catch it.

Fergus was thankful, but still terrified to be by himself so I agreed to accompany him back to town. I explained the situation with Mayor Cargill of which Fergus was aware, and he agreed to assist me in my search for the Caskell Berries. I was concerned initially for his safety, but it was all for naught. We managed to reach the clearing and thanks to my studies, religious training, magical aptitude, and mostly Fergus, I was able to barely scrape out the location of the Caskell Berries. Big thanks Fergus!

We made it back to Trestlebridge before noon, and I managed to set out almost immediately. I was headed to the graveyard south of town. I thought I had great timing making my way down there at high noon, but it turns out that undead really don't mind the sun sometimes.

As I approached the graveyard, I caught sight of three skeletons. I hate traps, but I dislike skeletons as well. Thankfully though, they aren't people anymore, so there's no harm in wailing on them. It was clear from the start which one of these skellies was the leader. They aren't as clever as bandits, so there wasn't a clear attempt to surround me. This made prioritizing my targets a little tricky. Luckily I have just the ability to snag two of them at once. I lashed out at the leader and let loose some particularly nasty lightning at one of the little ones. Clearly the little one wasn't so tough, as he went down immediately. However, the next thing I know, I'm about 25 feet away staring at a door…weird. *WHOOSH!!!* FIRE!! Ugh traps?! I was standing in front of the mausoleum with a gargoyle glaring at me with what appear to be "recharging" eyes. Better not stab the big guy again…wait…. I turn back around and boom, there's that skelly and his remaining friend. Well, I need to get away from this gargoyle, so I activate BigHat's armor and begin to weave my way around the skellies and away from the gargoyle. Unfortunately, like an idiot, I smack the leader again. …aaannnd FLAMES! That…really…hurts. I managed to catch a glimpse of the big guys forehead and noticed two runes…two? One of which flashed when I hit him. Interesting, why's the other one burnt out? Oh yeah, I killed that one. I quickly finish off the second little skelly and made for the big one. Without his flashy runes and his gargoyle flame-thrower, he's pretty much a teddy bear…a re-dead teddy bear! Too much?

With the skellies gone, the door to the mausoleum opened up. I saw a robed figure standing in the back with six sarcophagi lining the walls. Hmm….

Me: Hey! What are you doing?

Robes: Looting.

Me: Looting what?

Robes: Ingredients!

Me: ..oh So, were those your skeletons?

Robes: Yes.

Me: …ooh…sorry about that.

Robes: That's fine, I'll just have to replace them…with you!

…and so it goes. Another person I am forced to kill. I'm feeling less bad about it this time; this guy is clearly evil and I used to know some of the people buried here. But still, he's still a person.

Anyway, I know how nasty necromancy can be, and I really don't want to be a zombie. I'm not sure what hit me, but I got really upset just then and went absolutely crazy on this guy. So crazy in fact, that his first move was to run away. Robes' next move (not even 2 seconds later) was to call forth zombies from the sarcophagi. I managed to avoid most of the zombie onslaught, and chased Robes outside. His battle strategy was pretty weak, although he really didn't have much time to think it over. He tried to give me the run around while his zombies did all the work, but I'm faster than zombies, and at least as fast as Robes. Overall, he didn't last very long. When he was finally finished, the zombies disintegrated without my help, and I went back inside the mausoleum to assess the damage.

There wasn't much to see here anymore, the place was in shambles. I was going to try and close up the place, but there was nothing left but rubble in a building. I found some Grave Moss in the corner and made my sad trek home. Perhaps saving Mayor Cargill will somehow cover the fact that I killed yet another person.

Father Andrews was glad to see me. It was late afternoon when I got back. He managed to whip up the elixir in no time. Seeing that his work didn't require my help, I made my way home. Nightmares tonight I'm afraid.

Day Three:

Though this isn't really an adventure day, I felt I should include something about it, otherwise there'd be no resolution to the tale.

I woke up early, though not from a nightmare as I was expecting. I slept unexpectedly well. Perhaps it was all the exercise the past two days. About mid-morning Father Andrews summoned me to the Mayor's residence. Turned out Cargill was feeling much better! He was still bed-ridden, but he was awake and talking. He thanked me for fetching the ingredients necessary for the elixir and mentioned that he might have many more things for me to do. Joy! I love doing things! Unfortunately, he didn't have the energy to set me off on my next task. However, he did have the energy to reward me for my courage and swiftness. A "Quick" Silver Longsword he called it. I am very excited to use it! However, there is much to be done around town. In my absence, the town's fish supply has quickly dwindled. Time for fishin!


(DM: dude, that was pretty freakin' sweet.)

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